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Integra Turbo B18C GSR OBD1 converted S300

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Hello everyone,

First I want to thank you those who wil ltake the time and read this post because I am in dire need of assistance. Before I start with my issue please know that I check a bunch of videos online on youtube and searched on the web but I am not familiar with this as this is my FIRST BUILD.

My main issue is knowledge, I am at the point where I need to hook up my Wastegate ( Tial ) and Blow off valve ( Turbo Smart ) lines. For you this may sound ridiculous but for me its a problem as I do not know how to hook it up.

I have a Victor X Edlebrock intake on my GSR head,
I bought the AEM fuel pressure regulator and the AEM fuel rail,
The turbo piping has been soldered along with the blow off. I saw people using T's plastic things, but I am not sure how I am suppose to proceed what goes where which vacuum line goes where and why. I saw others say to never run T's and to run individual vacuum lines.

Additional info:

Sleeved B18C block, ( I used the B18c stamped block for my build and not the C1. Installed the Darton sleeves they grinded out the stock ones out,
Arias pistons 9 compression,
Ferrea 6000 valves,
H beam rods from Manley,
GT30 turbo,
Moroso oil pan,
My car is a 1997 integra gsr, converted obd1 P28 with S300,
Omni power 3 bar map sensor,
Coil on Plug conversion Hondata,
Removed ABS and installed the non abs brake booster,
Ramhorn manifold from 1320,

Thank you in advance.

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I can only assume you are referring to the signal lines that go to the wastegate and blow off valve. For the latter, you run the line to the intake manifold anywhere behind the throttle plate. Functionally, you could T off the same line used for the fuel pressure regulator. As for the wastegate, you can T that signal anywhere into the intake from the discharge of the turbo all the way up to and including the intake manifold. I prefer to connect it to a line coming directly from the manifold so that the wastegate is regulated by actual manifold pressure. The closer to the turbo you put the reference point, the lower the actual pressure at manifold will be.
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