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So i have a 95 integra with a b20b high comp with gsr trans, long story short i did the whole swap correct and everything in tact, but i got a check engine light out of nowhere and its a code 16 for fuel injector, so i check each injector to see if it was spraying, injector 3 wasnt, so i thought it might be a bad injector so i went a bought a new one (well remanufactured) got it on and it still wouldnt spray and i still had the MIL light on for the same code 16.
so then i swapped injector 3 with my the one from cylinder 2 and that one wasnt spraying on cylinder 3. but the remanufactured one that i bought i put on cylinder 2 and it was spraying so i thought well maybe im not getting fuel to it, i heard my fuel pump prime, the main relay is brand new im getting fuel into the fuel filter, checked the fuel rail if fuel is even getting to that injector and it is all injectors and getting the proper amount of fuel pressure, socthen i thought maybe the connector and/or wiring from the connector has a short or doesnt have a stable connector to the injector, i tested the resistance on the injector and its getting roughly 12 ohms of resistance then i tested the connector to see if it was getting 12 volts with the key in the ON position and it was getting a solid 12 volts on all 4 connectors. My last thoughts would be either the ecu is faulty or i heard something about the distributor has a pick up in it for the injectors, btw my ecu is a stock one not chipped or tuned, but i ran this ecu for a good 4 months before i did the swap ive had this same ecu on my b18b1 but the timing belt snapped on that motor and it overheated so thats why i did a swap. My stock ecu that came with it i sold for some odd reason it was a stupid move but you live and you learn! So lemme know what you guys think if its the ecu or that thing i was talking about with the distributor or theres something im missing or havent thought of BTW all my grounds are sanded and have a solid connection
Thank you!

EDITED: also had a leak from tps gasket but thats new , MY ECU ITSELF IS GOOD, and my fuel pressure regulator is good
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