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Hi guys, this is my first post but i have been on this site many times for help.

Heres my problem:

It started about 4 months ago when i got work done to my exhaust, new muffler and resonator delete. A couple days after i got that done, i was driving around and the car stalled on me. I towed it to a friends shop and i was told the alternator was bad and so i replaced it. It stalled on the road and so i didnt have time to check it through myself. A couple days after i get the alternator replaced, the car dies again and would not start. This time i was near another shop and so i got the car jump started and carefully drove into the shop. At the shop i was told the battery was dead, and it was so i replaced that. I was also told that there was definitely a short somewhere in the car. I decided not to pay for the mechanic to look for it, and took it home. I looked all over google and came to this conclusion. When i got the exhaust done, the o2 sensor on the cat converter had an open wire which i guess tear open when doing the exhaust work. This shorted out the o2 sensor fuse in the fuse box, which happens to also be the fuse for the alternator. So when the o2 sensor short out, the alternator stopped working, battery didnt get charged, car dies. I fixed up the tear, car works perfectly. Now recently for the past month or so ive been having trouble with my rpms. Occasionally it would jump to about 2500 when driving and would not go lower unless i made the car almost stall. The only way the rpm dropped was if i brought the car to a stop, and left it in neutral. Then it would drop to about 1500 rpm, and a few seconds or minutes later down to the normal 500-600 range. I have had times where i drove it while it hovered at 2500 rpm, it was a 1 hour highway drive, and when i finally took the exit off the highway and stopped at a red light, it dropped down to normal 500-600. The problem was that if i ever turned the car off while it was at 1000 + rpm, the car struggled to start back up. Every time i turned the car off while at 1000+ rpm the car struggled to start back up. This is what confused me, i never saw anything like this on online threads. It was slow to crank, like a bad battery, but the battery was new. I recently got my starter changed becuase that died on me. im guessing it died becuase i cranked the engine over too many times with no luck. When i did crank it i had to add some gas to get the car started. I know that the battery is not fully charged, thats why its hard to start. Im also guessing that the rpms stay high becuase the alternater struggles to keep up with demand, or is having a hard time charging the battery. I didnt install anything new electronically, and so i doubt the alternator is struggling to keep up. What could cause a brand new battery/alternator/started to not function properly? My only guess right now is a bad ground. If it is, how do i go about finding out where the alternator grounds? What options do i have? Sorry for the long paragraph, i really need help guys. It also seems as if the problem is getting worse.

A pre-thanks to the teamintegra family for the help!

I also posted this on another thread to see if that helps too.
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