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Hello everyone.
I was looking for some advice or comments from fellow integra owners.

I have just recently changed out the Stock Stereo Head Units in both of my 1998 LS/GS cars. One is a Sedan and the other a 2 door Hatch. I put the same Alpine unit on both that has the latest options. USB/AUX etc. The Model is Alpine CDE 143bt. I think it puts out 18w per channel.

I have stock speaker on all 4's in both cars. After installing the stereos in Both cars, I have found the the Sedan with 6x9 speakers in the rear trunk sounds way better than the 2 door stock 6x5 speakers in rear. Howver neither of them sound very good once i try to get some bass or crank it up.

SO.. I figure after upgrading the Head Unit, I should upgrade the speakers. I am not looking at this point to get a SUB Woofer or to have to run wires or anything like that, but id like to give a decent upgrade to my current setup. I really dont crank my music, but I do like to have it around 21 of 35 max level.

I do like Bass so i am hoping some regular speakers will at least give me some adaquate bass. I listen To Regae, Old School Hip/hop Gansta rap/ Rock, JaZZ country etc,, so I listen to a lot of diff styles. I must say I like Bass and instrumental stuff to drive too. I am not looking to shake the car or anyting

One of my biggest questions is regarding the 2 door Hatch. Is it worth to replace the speakers in all 4 locations/ or just up front? I have read that some only amp the Front speakers and then get a SUb for the back? Is that the only way to get a fuller sound in the 2 door?

Right now here is what i have in mind for my cars:

98 LS sedan:
Alpine CDE 143BT head unit 18w $60.00
Alpine KTP 445u WOULD give 45w per channel $80.00
Alpine SPR69 6x9 Rear rms 100w $108.00
Polk DB651s 6x5 for Front rms 55w $ 50.00

S0 for $298.00 would this be an aduquate set up for daily driver? is 100 watt too much for the 45w Alpine 45w amp?

Alpine CDE 143BT $75.00
POLK Db651s 6x5 RMS 55w all around $115.00
Alpine KTP 445u 45 watt per channel $80.00

$250.00 for this set up. But Im not sure about the rear speakers and sound in the Hatch.

Any info on Audio/speakers would be much appreciated.

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Replace them all, at this point in their lives 17 years later, those stock speakers are rotted/split/bad... just replace

and no one is going to be able to tell you whether something sounds good or not, everyone hears differently

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^ I second this. Everyone's budget and impression of audio quality is different. If nothing else, more modern speakers running off a more modern head unit will definitely sound "better" than what you have. Don't get your hopes set too high with "bass" from 6.5" and 6x9" speakers.

Once you get that going, and if you still aren't quite satisfied, its not that hard to put a small 4-channel in to get more power to the speakers, and add in a sub for the added low end. A single 10 or 12 in our cars is plenty enough, especially in the hatchback. The newer compact subs are pretty amazing, and take up half the space as the more traditional units did.
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