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Intake Manifold Question

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I bought a skunk 2 IM, type-r throttle cable/bracket, tb gasket, and IM gasket. I'm going to be installing these parts this weekend and am wondering what kind of problems i will run into. After searching it seems like not all of my vacuum hoses will be reused? one is just supposed to dangle?? I've also read of serious idle spikes upon start up. I'm also worried about getting a check engine light when the car no longer has the second set of it's butterfly valves connected....what exactly is supposed to happen. I have a gs-r and ofcourse it's built for mid-range power in the manifold when butterfly valves open to allow more air to flow through a second set of shorter runners. I'm sure there is a plug for this that runs to the ecu. How do i make sure i don't get a check engine or will I?
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I don't know if you would get a CEL from not having the IAB hooked up. Just disconnect it now and drive around for a while (yeah, performance will be a little out of whack, but shouldn't cause any harm) and see what happens. If you get a CEL, then plug it back in and reset your ECU to clear the code.

If it does give a CEL, you can probably trick the ECU by putting a resistor in place of it. Just use a multimeter to measure the IAB solenoid resistance -- then get an equivalent resistor (make sure it can handle the necessary power level of course).

Disclaimer: This is not from experience, but rather an educated guess.
There is no CEL for the IAB system.

Don't bother trying to reuse the vacuum/coolant lines. I just went to Checker and bought new hose in bulk for a cleaner install.
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