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hey guys I turboed my car over the summer that just past. and at the end of it it was running like **** and running lean and I didn't no why. so over the winter I planned to paint the car so I pulled the motor and im doing a wire tuck. soo after doing it all over the past 2 weeks today I was putting the turbo manifold and turbo back on so they are out of the way wile I clean my work area up and I noticed my manifold has a crack in it about 3 -4 inches long. I can weld it shut but I don't want to do that because it will just happen again. when I turboed it the guy I bought the car off of had the manifold so I went with it. (it was brand new) well now its cracked. I got a t3/t4 turbo bottom mount. that's wahts I want to go back on so if you guys have one or no of one let me no please. looking to get it right after the holidays. thanks guys.
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