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Justin Klemgold on Aug/15/02 said:
Yikes, you bought the wrong car if you want to make it "extremely fast."
i dont think justin meant make an ls extremly fast, i think he meant an integra in general. what he's sayin (correct me if im wrong justin) is that it is very expensive and hard to make an integra and extremly fast car.
i suggest that you read up on the site and alot of the articles because it is impossible for us to tell you how to make your car "extremly fast". there is an infinite number of options you could do to make large hp with your car. and this type of general question is better answered when you answer it on your own because then you know what your doing, and what your dumping your money into. if you have any type of specific question then by all means shoot up a post and im sure everyone will be more than happy to help you. but as it stands, your best bet right now is to check out the articles and the search function which are both on the left of the screen. if you have anyquestion just give me a pm and ill try to help or find someone that can.

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You are correct hootb, no offense, but if you wanted an extremely fast car, you should have bought a V8. But yeah, it's hard to make an integra extremely fast without a lot of money, and i mean A LOT. Also it's hard to do without compromising reliability.
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