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I just got my new ps2 from iceman on, $160 shipped with GT3, woo hoo!!

I've played this game a bit before, and am just starting from scratch today. I see you can't buy this car, but why do they bother listing it?

Also, who's going to be my assistant in tuning my cars? I suck

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all the cars from the typr r race is an rsx-s. it the figures are different colors. believe it or not. the one color is faster. i got a couple of them and tested them. i wil have to look which one i found to be faster. no matter how much i mod the thing though it is never as fast as the R that i got.

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TheGSRGuy on June/27/02 said:
I swear, my friends and I have totally beat that game and there are still some cars we don't have. I think they made it 'unbeatable'. Some of the cars simply can't be bought!
True that.. I think it is unbeatable too

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it is beatable, the way to complete it is to get gold in all the liscence tests, if you get gold they give you a car of the cars is the spoon s2000, i want that so bad too...but those tests are freakin hard

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Posted: said:
Also, who's going to be my assistant in tuning my cars? I suck ...
Don't bother buying any mods that can be replaced by better ones. (Ie stage 1 mufler and airfilter, when you can get a stage3). I wasted alot of money in the begining on that.

At first its going to go really slow, and you will have to race some tracks a ton of times. once you start getting through the amature races you will get some cash. There are websites online that go through the different aspects of tuning the suspension, LSD, gearing etc :)

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the spoon 2000 is a POS. The best S2000 car is the S2000 LM Race Car. I was very very very disapointed w/ the spoon version of the S2000. The LM Race Car is a lot of fun to drive in that game.

As far as getting all the cars, some races give you only 1 of 4 secret cars, so you have to do each series race 4 time in order to get all 4 cars.


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Hey guys are you ready for this game:

I was just wondering of the new GRAN TOURISMO CoNCEPT game will be coming. This game is suppose to have all the new concepts here's the list if the copy and paste thing for the url isn't working:

PlayStation 2 » News » story
GT Concept Geneva: Car List
Almost 200 cars for the next Gran Turismo add-on.

June 24, 2002 - Gran Turismo Concept: Tokyo-Geneva has an absolutely massive amount of automobiles to choose from for an expansion disc. Almost quadrupling the number of cars from the first add-on (Tokyo 2001), the second add-on for Gran Turismo 3 reads like a car moguls dream garage.

Below is the complete listing of all cars to appear in the game, although it has been confirmed that not all of them will be playable:

DB7 Vantage Coupe (2000)
V8 Vantage (1997)
Vanquish (2000)

Abt Audi TT-R (Concept)
Geneva RS6 Avant (2002)
Geneva RS6 Limousine (2002)
RS4 (Concept)
S4 (1999)
TT 1.8T Quattro (2000)

Camaro SS (2000)
Camaro Z28 (1997)
Corvette C5R (2000)
Corvette Grand Sport (1996)
Corvette Z06 (2000)

Viper GTS (1998)
Viper GTS Team Oreca (2000)
Viper GTS/R Prototype (2000)

Escort Rally Car (1998)
Focus Rally Car (1998)
Focus RS (Concept)
Ford GT40 (Concept)
Ford GT40 LM (Concept)
Ka (Concept)
Mustang SVT Cobra R (2000)

Accord Euro-R (2000)
Arta NSX (2000)
Castrol Mugen NSX JGTC (2000)
Civic Type-R (2001)
Civic Type-R EK (1998)
Civic VTI (1993)
CR-X Del-Sol SiR (1995)
Dualnote (2001)
Honda S2000 (2001)
Integra Type-R (2001)
Integra Type-R 98 Spec (1998)
Integra Type-R LM (Concept)
Jazz (2001)
Loctite Mugen NSX (2001)
Mobil 1 NSX (2001)
NSX-R Prototype (2001)
NSX-R Prototype LM (Concept)
NSX-R Prototype LM Road Car (Concept)
NSX Type S Zero (1997)
Raybrig NSX (2000)

Accent Rally Car (2001)
Clix (2001)
Hyundai Coupe (Concept)
HCD6 (Concept)

S-Type R (Concept)
XJ220 Road Car (1992)
XKR (Concept)
XKR Coupe (1999)

Elise (Concept)
Elise 190 (1998)
Elise Type72 (Concept)
Esprit Sport 350 (2000)
Motor Sport Elise (1999)
LOTUS 2000, Esprit SPORT 350

Demio (1999)
Mazda6 (2001)
Mazda6 LM (Concept)
Mazda MX-5 (1989)
Mazda MX-5 (1998)
Mazda MX-5 1.8i (2000)
Mazda RX-7 (1990)
Mazda RX-7 (1998)
RX-7 Spirit R Type-A (2002)
RX-7 Type-R Bathurst R (2001)
RX-8 (2001)
RX-8 LM (Concept)

CL600 (2000)
CLK55 (2000)
CLK Touring Car D2 AMG Mercedes (2000)
SL55 AMG (Concept)
SL500 (Concept)
SLK 230 Kompressor (1999)

Airtrek Turbo-R (2002)
CZ3 Tarmac (2001)
CZ3 Tarmac Rally Car (Concept)
FTO GP Version R (1997)
GTO Twin Turbo (1999)
Lancer Evolution GSR (2000)
Lancer Evolution IV GSR (1996)
Lancer Evolution V GSR (1998)
Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makinen Edition (2000)
Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car (1999)
Lancer Evolution VII GSR (2001)
Lancer Evolution VII GT-A (2002)
Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car (2001)
Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype (2001)
Lancer Evolution VII RS (2001)

300ZX (1998)
350Z (2001)
350Z Gran Turismo Aero (2002)
350Z LM (Concept)
350Z Razo Version (2002)
C-West Razo Silvia (2000)
Calsonic Skyline GT '00 (2000)
Gran Turismo GT-R V-Spec R34 (2001)
Gran Turismo GT-R V-Spec R34 for Marshal Car (2001)
GT-R Concept (2001)
GT-R Concept LM (Concept)
Loctite Zexel GT-R (2000)
Mm (2001)
Mm-R (2001)
Nismo GT-R LM Road Car R33 (1995)
Nissan Z Concept (2001)
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R GT '99 (1999)
Pennzoil Zexel GT-R (2001)
Primera 20V (2001)
R390 GT1 Road Car (1998)
Silvia K's S13 1800cc (1998)
Silvia Spec-R Aero (1999)
Skyline (1997)
Skyline 300GT (2001)
Skyline GT-R M-Spec34 (2001)
Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R32 (1994)
Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R34 (2000)
Skyline GTS-t Type M R32 (1991)
Xanavi Hiroto GT-R (2001)

OPEL 2000:
Astra Touring Car Opel Team Phoenix (2000)
Caribra Touring Car (Concept)
Speedster (2000)

Clio Sport 2.0 (2003)
Lutecia Renault Sport 2.0 (Concept)
Lutecia Sport V6 (Concept)

RUF 3400S (2000)
RUF CTR2 (1996)
RUF R-GT (2000)

Impreza Rally Car (1999)
Impreza Rally Car (2001)
Impreza Rally Car Prototype (2001)
Impreza Sedan WRX STi (2000)
Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VI (1999)
Impreza WRX STi Prodrive Style (2001)
Legacy B4 Blitzen (1994)
Legacy B4 RSK (1998)
Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B (1996)
Subaru (1998)
Subaru (1999)
Subaru (2000)

Altezza AS200 (1998)
Altezza RS200 (1998)
Au Cerumo Supra (2001)
Autobacs Apex MR-S (2000)
Castrol Tom's Supra (2000)
Castrol Tom's Supra (2001)
Celica GT-Four (1995)
Celica SS-II (1999)
Celica SS-II ST202 (1997)
Corolla Rally Car (1999)
Esso Ultraflo Supra (2001)
GT-one TS020 Road Car (1999)
Lexus SC430 (2001)
Lexus IS300 Sport Cross (2001)
MR2 (1999)
MR2 GT-S (1998)
Pod (2001)
RSC (2001)
RSC Rally Car (Concept)
Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex AE86 Type I (1985)
Supra RZ (1997)
Supra SZ-R (1997)
WiLL VS (2001)
Yaris (2000)

Golf GTi (2000/05)
Lupo GTi (2001/07)
New Beetle 2.0 (2000)
New Beetle RSi (2000)
Tokyo W12 (2000)

Acura CL 3.2 Type S (2000)
ASL Garaiya (2002)
Cadillac Cien (Concept)
Chrysler Crossfire (Concept)
Chrysler PT Cruiser (2000)
Daihatsu Copen (2001)
Infiniti FX45 (Concept)
Infiniti G35 (Concept)
Mine's Lancer Evolution VI (2000)
Mine's Skyline GT-RN1 V-Spec R34 (2000)
Mini Cooper-S (Concept)
Mini Cooper-S LM (Concept)
Pagani C12S (2000)
Peugeot 206 Rally Car (1999)
Pontiac Solstice (Concept)
Shelby Cobra (1967)
Spoon S2000 (2000)
Spoon S2000 Race Car (2000)
Spyker Laviolette
Suzuki GSX-R/4 (2001)
Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car (Concept)
Tommykaira ZZII (2000)
Tommykaira ZZS (Concept)
TVR Tuscan Speed 6 (2000)
Vauxhall Caribra Touring Car (2000)
Vauxhall VX220 (2000)

Whew. Now that's a lot of cars. Headed for Europe this July, Gran Turismo Concept: Tokyo-Geneva looks like it could be big enough to stand on its own. Packed with more cars than some complete car simulators, this add-on is going to be big. There's still no word on an American release.

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Interesting, that list doesn't show the NSX Type-R that is found on the game.

Winning the ITR Challenge is very easy with an ITR. Get the JDM version, as it cost less than the USDM and has the same power. I was able to sweep that series with no modifications on the car. It's harder to win the later ITR Challenge, as you'll need a NSX. Now if you need the NSX-R to enter, I don't know. I wouldn't consider it worthwhile to buy a $90k car to win $100k in the series.

From there, I bought the light weight FD RX-7 and worked it to a little over 700hp and killed just about everything, which gave enough cash to upgrade the C5R to over 1000hp with 1 modification (stage 2 NA tuning).

I would advise staying away from the RUF. Even though you can get them to 1000hp, they don't handel with race tires and all the goodies.

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I have a sky line with 1200hp.. my friend did it, and I wasnt watching, but the thing is FAST.. only problem is.. after 1 lap, the tires are gone, and it wont take a curve for anything.. still kinda fun though

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The cheapest way to rip through the game quickly is, get the licenses, then buy a sprinter trueno (quickest bang for the buck), win all the races you can with it, then get an EVO lancer version VI, mod it to hell, goto the endurance races and race on the super speed way. You win that race on pit theory. Learn not to kill the tires, you just don't pit, pitting is 50 miles an hour around half the track. It may get boring, but after you win it 10-15 times you have enough money to win the game, and you'll also end up with some nice cars. one of which is the f090, a MR car. Race every race you can with that car. Your PRize will be around 2 million and change from all the races. With over 7 million in credits available to you you can buy any car you need to win any race, and all the supporting mods.

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i have gotten almost through the whole game w/o buying a single car :) I got all gold on the B and A licenses, and from there I just kept winning cars. I had to get the book for the game to see what car I can win from there. There are 3 cars that you HAVE TO eventually buy to get 100% completion rate.

1) some sort of mercades
2) the tuscan speed 6
3) some kind of lotus

and besides that you shouldn't have to buy any cars. The Type R circuit on Advanced difficulty can be won w/ a Spoon Civic (which can be won from the FF Challenge on Professional).

'99 GS-R
Stage 2 Clutch
Comptech Ice Box + Intake
Short Shifter
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