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Hid system on a G2 tegy?

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Okay, now then does any one have a pic or something or know how to install a HID system on 91 gs?..I haven't actually seen it dun on a tegy, but I think that would look Pimpin'!
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it would be the same as any other aftermarket HID install wouldn't it? I think all you would have to do is find a suitable place for the ballasts. but yeah it would look pretty cool to actually have real HID's on a DA!
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Can any one tell of a good company or companies that make HID systems for a 91 GS?...that would help alot..Iam in Canada and well..stores in my area sux so basiclly its over da net ordering..
not worth it doesnt look as good not as bright doesnt shine right etc etc
I don't know what you're talking about. I've seen aftermarket real HID systems that are quite bright!
It's my understanding that you need projectors to use HIDs to their full potential (and to not blind other cars), and that G2 Tegs don't come with projectors.
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