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Alright the meet is next saturday ... HersheyPark is open 10am-10pm

Here are our 2 options ...

~1~ meet around like 11am.. take pics and go to the park together for the full day (cooking out or eating in the park somewhere during the day) HP tickets for all day $43.95 (discounted ones at Giant foodstores)

~2~ meet a little later in the day.. 1 or 2pm take pics go toRed Robin (at the outlets) or cookout in the picnic areas at Hershey.. and go to the park for sunset hours 5pm-10pm for $21.95

I need feedback asap so that this can be planned and try and spread it to as many ppl as possible including pa md nj etc....

Regardless we will be meeting at the Hershey Outlets next to the park...
Directions to Hershey Outlets
The Outlets at Hershey
46 Outlet Square
Hershey, PA 17033

PA hershey meet thread
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