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help with noise when starting!!!

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When I start my car and it turns over there is a grinding or screetching sound.
I think it may be the alternator or something, but I can't figure it out.
Anyone know what this might be?
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Probably a chipped tooth on the flywheel, or it could be the starter.
How can I figure out what it is?
Take things apart. I'm not sure if you can view the flywheel on the car or not. You could remove the starter and inspect that.
If its more of a screetch, then inspect your belts.
The sound is more of a grinding of metal.
once I start it a couple of times it goes away.
But when I start it after a while of sitting in the garage it makes the grinding noise.
Does anyone have any idea what it might be?
can you tell what area its coming from?

you can view the flywheel, you have to take off a few brackets and a plate, but its possible without pulling the whole tranny out.

could just be a pully or belt or something along those lines though.

just hope its not your oil pump!
no its a grinding noise like metal or something and it only happens when I start the car and then it's fine.
When I first start it after it has been sitting for awhile it makes the noise, but once I start again right away it goes away.
i know what it is , i use to have same problem ,its a loose screw in your engine ,unscrew da top acura n check inside for any loose screws
prime on Feb/13/04 said:
i know what it is , i use to have same problem ,its a loose screw in your engine ,unscrew da top acura n check inside for any loose screws
Unscrew what, you mean in the engine you think there is a loose screw.
I know ive dropped some sh*t in the alternator before and i could be hitting it.
But what do you mean.
Unscrew the acura? Sorry id like to hear what you're talking about
it sounds like your starter to me probably the solanoid not giving enough power to flow it over and because of this its grinding on the flywheel
Is it possible your oil pump is going Ka-put?
The noise seemed to go away.
What the hell is that all about?
I'm still having the grinding noise problem when starting.
I have taken things out and looked around but I still can't figure it out.
I'm going to change my transmission fluid, do you think that could be it? What things could occur if my fluid needs to be change. Would this grinding noise happen because of my fluid needing ot be changed.
If it was the tranny you would hear it more under you than in the engine compartment.
when you start it does the sound only happen for a few sec then stops?? Like a buzzing sound?
take the starter off and look at the teeth. if they are fine look in the hole where the starter went and look at the teeth on the flywheel and get a friend to turn over the crankshaft on the opisit side on the crank pully bolt. and inspect all the teeth.
Its the starter, my car does the same thing. one you turn the igniton over it makes the noise. no big concern, its normal.
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