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Help with brakes: smoking

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ok so i have been working to put some new rear calipers on and finally got done tonight. the thing is they seem to not be letting up. i took it around the block and the brakes were smoking when i got back, mostly left driver side.

i had a problem getting the e brake bracket off the old caliper on that side so i cut the bracket and connected it to the new caliper thinking that it would be fine since the way it was designed. i got it back in the garage and unhooked the ebrake clevis pin and same thing. any ideas? the calipers were tight going on and i did bleed them...
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also the ebrake is loose

edit: i really need to get on the road back to school tonight. anything that might fix the problem or be temp would be great
Im not sure if you created a second post and i replied to that but first try to isolate the issue to one system or the other, i would start by relieving the e brake tension, under the arm rest there is a adjustment for e brake cable tension, back it all the way off, make sure that at the brakes in the back there is very little to no tension on the e brake cable now see if your brakes are still binding up in the rear, then report back on TI and take it from there.
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