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Hey guys, I'm a new DA owner. Just picked up a '93 RS as an incomplete project, it's got a 1*** serial number 1st gen si-r block, p72-2 gsr head with the matching manifold. I can see now why I got this car so cheap, and I really want to rescue it. I need help figuring out what needs to happen from here..
When I picked it up, it was running on a pr4 ecu with an apexi vtec controller hooked up which was unreliably and very stupidly cracking vtec. Till 7k rpms. I'm honestly surprised it runs as good as it does now.. If my car is obd1 and my p28 is obd1, is my best option to get a skunk2 manifold (no iab)? or convert to p72, but could I do this with my jdm b16 block? or could or should get my ecu modified to run the iab?

I don't mind spending a little cash on the right thing, in fact I bought the car to do just that.

I would like to run whatever ecu will maximize this head and obviously if I use the stock IM I need the iab to work or it's a loss..

Can someone give me a hand here? I would greatly appreciate some direction in this nightmare, and please say I need a b16 head, I don't want to tear it apart if I don't have to for reasons totally unrelated...

I'm leaning toward a skunk2 mani but if I go that route, is there anything special I need to know as far as running a skunk2 mani on a gsr head in a obd1 car?
. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I'm seriously brand new and doing this alone so don't kill me..
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