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Hello everyone I am new to the community. I just picked up my all time favorite car a 2000 GSR with a B18C1. It’s been sting 10 years got a pretty good deal with minor flaws. Only issue now is engine won’t turn over but the lights are on.
New Battery
New Alternator
New Starter
New fuel filter
New fuel pump
New Distributor
New Sparks
New Coils
New 40amp ign fuse

Fluids Changed:
Motor oil
Brake fluid
Transmission fluid.
Fuel lines

not completed:
Radiator flush

Pulled valve cover changed Valve cover gasket With spark plug seal kit as well.

Lights come on the dash when key is turned to the on position.

rear lights stay on when battery is connected
When attempting to turn on key to accessory then to ignition there is no click or any sign of the motor or starter wanting to crank over.
I will be making a video this weekend of the work completed and the issues for trouble shooting.
Appreciate any input on getting The GSR back together.

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Update! Got the car to crank and start shortly.
Come to find out the safety neutral switch was attached to a kill switch.

Car now cranks but wont run. Checked to see if I was receiving fuel and it’s receiving fuel all the way to the fuel filter And to the injectors.

would the injectors be bad?

any help would be appreciated I started for about a total of 10 seconds.
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