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Alright, here's all the details on the motor:

- Out of a 94 GSR
- Motor has almost 100,000m
- All the Vin's match, none are tampered with
- Their was no rebuild on the engine, all stock internals
- The motor wasn't messed up at all, I could still turn it on after the accident, and all the gears still shifted fine.
- Both axles were removed becuase it was necessary for the removal of the engine, so that's something he'll need, but u can get those from and Integra or Civic
- Comes with everything including:
- Shift Linkage
- Transmission
- Mounts
- Radiator
- AC Radiator
- Wiring Harness
- intake manifold
- VTEC Solenoid
- etc.

This is also what he was tellin me:
If you have any other questions, or he does, just hit me up. Oh, none of the wires are cut or anthing, just plug and play. If he's swapping into an LS, he'll need to hook the VTEC wires, it's 2 wires. Other than that, it's a straight swap. So, $2000.00 if I don't have to drop it off, or $2100.00 to drop it off. Hope that answers most of the questions. If he wants pics, I can take some and send it to you 2 show him. Thanks again for your help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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