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☑ Raise migraine awareness
☑ Have fun
☑ Learn some new things
☑ Not blow up the Integra


2nd in the sub-$1008 class out of 9 cars
6th in rookie class out of 15 cars
14th in the autocross
15th in the drag racing
17th overall out of 40 cars in the $2017 Challenge


Paint code: NH-0
Sisters that came over for the purpose of hitting a car with a hatchet: 1
Previous owners: 2
Late night trips to the 24/7 AutoZone: 3
Friends that came over to help because the GRM Challenge sounded cool: 4
Production order serial number: 000005
Cans of primer used: 12
Times the previous owner drove it to Burning Man: 13
Pounds of dry ice used to remove sound deadening: 30
Cost of paint, primer and adhesion promoter: $107.57
November 2015 purchase price: $500
Our investment into this car per the budget book: $901.24
1992-1993 GS-Rs sold in the US: 3,968
Original purchase price: $17,910


With almost 200,000 miles on the original engine and transmission, this 1993 Acura Integra GS-R certainly surprised us! We had so much fun and we will be returning to the $2018 Challenge. A surprising number of people told us how migraines have affected them and/or their loved ones. Those conversations cemented the fact that there is a place for a migraine awareness themed track car. The team is already busy planning modifications for next year’s event.


We are definitely going back for the $2018 Challenge but we'll be changing a LOT of things and running in the full-budget class. Our team is now 5 people strong and I have hunted down almost all of the parts -- including parts from @b17bdb2, @dpaton and @mutt8588 -- that we need. If you've been wanting to enter a $20xx Challenge, it's great fun and we highly recommend it!

Videos from last year's event:

If you want to follow our build:
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Following the facebook page. There is another image of the integra on pg 48-49 drag racing with that subaru powered honda insight.
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