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Well i finally got my car back 2 days ago. It was gone about a month and a week. It took alot longer than i planned because the machine shop had the block for 2 1/2 weeks but i got it back and it idles smoother/better, drives better(because my old clutch was shot but it still grabbed) and is overall a great motor. Ill have picture later today when it stops raining here but here is the list on my set-up.
99 B16 Head, gsr cams, gsr ecu but have a p28 ecu going in in a week
ITR intake manifold, LS AEM CAI
DC Sports 4-2-1 header and 5Zigen exhaust
94 B18b Block with 91 pr3 pistons
B16 Oil pump, Exedy Organic Racing Clutch w/ clutchmaster 8lb flywheel
The exedy clutch and flywheel combo is great. I recommend this set-up to anyone that doesnt want a very hard clutch pedal feel. I havent hit vtec or anything since im breaking in the clutch and motor but picture will be up later. Thanks.

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yeah i want to sometime in the near future but im running low on money since i still have a car payment. I want to get some bigger cams and itr aem cai before i get it tuned so i wont have to do it a bunch of time but i dont think its to bad for a kid that just turned 18 a week ago.

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Proud new owner of a LS/VTEC great job. I just had mine built by Schaeffers Import Auto Care about 2 months ago:
96 lsblock
99 b16 head stock
eagle h-beam rods
je forged pistons 10:2:1
polished crank
s2000 tb
aem cai type r
dc 4-2-1 header
Apexi vafc 2 runs the vtec not the ecu since car is auto
proffesional wiring involved very tricky.
set at 4200rpm nice on the autobox!


Purchased '98 dark blue civic hatch dx 20,000 org. miles
I love it!

Sent the TEG back to Schaeffer's for:
JR Type-r charger
msd hvc coil and mod.cap
sent auto tranny to the Famous Level Ten.
For a full rebuild and 2600rpm stall service VERY NICE!
They have dynoed these trannies up to 500hp and 400ft/lbs.
I will have a lot of room to work with.
I can't wait. Needless to say this wasn't cheap a $7600 dollar option.
Email me if you have auto trannies members I will let you know what numbers I get off the dyno and what times at the track when it gets nice out.
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