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So I bought this car purposefully. One, I needed a new daily. Two, I've never owned an EK HB or a DC Integra. I knew the choice would be one or the other. I was initially set on an EK when I found this one. I try never to buy the same honda twice because then you shoot yourself in the foot for having sold interchangeable parts. Given a Honda has many interchangeable components it's a catch 22. I was already hoarding parts for a del sol I owned. It was stolen Christmas night, and found the day after, a few hours past noon. Feeling insecure, I sold it to a great home. I decided to take that money and buy some starter components to return my 2 car garage back into an actual 2 car garage. This way once the Integra is complete she will rest safely. This Integra also manifested after the sale of the del sol. Being a proud father of 3, I could benefit from the back seats. Most of the time I am traveling solo to and from work, but on occasion may need to roll with the kidos. So those back seats......are better to have than not.

What prompted me to get another Honda was quiet a few things. I've known them for years, simply put. However, the real reason came after discussing a del sol chassis with some frequent road racers after a button willow event. I decided to move to another chassis back then, which led me to the sale of the del sol. Loved that car BTW. Great cruiser. Having driven some Auto-X before, I missed those days. After attending a vtec Club, button willow event, I was desperately wanting to get out there and drive. Now here we are, I figured it was time to stop playing around build a dbl duty car and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Get groceries Mon-Fri
Road Race Sat-Sun
Build a proper powerplant ( TOP PRIORITY )
- Engine
- Trans
- part 1 engine bay ( PRIORITY )
- part 2 exterior
Sort wiring issues/ Wire Tuck and ABS related
Clean Interior
Possible Cage ( I've been supportive and helpful of a good friend for years, without asking he has offered to do this for me, no love will be lost whether it happens or not ).
Pray for strength, wisdom, understanding, patience, and speed to get it all done in a timely manner. I stray the more time I'm allotted. LOL.



INTRODUCTION .................................................. 1
Vehicle | Plans | Goals | Story behind Car #1 | Brake Upgrade & Refresh Plans | Suspension Bits | Compressor Purchase & Wiring | Engine #1 & Build Plans

MULTITASKING .................................................2
Wood supplies | Internals Arrive | Interior Bits | DIY Garage Bits: Tool Box & Tools | Shelving | Brakes Revisited | Shot Block goes to machine shop

MULTITASKING a. .................................................3
Shelving Progress | Engine #2 Build Plans | Interior Cleaning | Short Block Assembly | Moon Cut VC | Head Plans

POWERPLANT .................................................4
Engine #2 Head comes back from machine shop | Lightened Flywheel | Cylinder Head Porting | Painting Engine | Engine #2 Longblock Assembly

CHANGE OF PLANS .................................................5
IM Porting & Port Matched | Moon Cut VC & Timing Cover | NEW Used Tires | Test Fit Rims | Car #2 Purchased | Paint Calipers | Putting car #1 up for sale | Car #2 Suspension Install | Items return from PC | Subframe Swaybar Combo Installed | Brakes Revisited | Install Lock Hood Latches | Car #2 is now rolling - not running

ACHILLES HEEL .................................................6
Assemble Transmission | Gear-X 4.9 Final Drive | Teardown Transmission Switch Back to OE 4.4 | OEM LSD | Switch Panel Plans | Clutch | Remove Dash | Swap Complete | Clean Interior - Pcs | Wash Bay | Route Custom Engine Harness | Parts Arrive | Wire Tuck | Engine Decorating | SS Clutch Line | Swap Install

BOLLYWOOD .................................................7
Shift Knob | CLS V1 Tri-y Header | Type R Strut Bar | Type R Faux Interior Pcs | Cleaning Interior Bits | Passenger Tuck Complete | Custom P/S Line Loop | Sort Fuse Box | Billion Radiator Hoses | Bled Brakes | Painted Brackets & Radiator | Custom A/C Lines | Greddy Muffler

DESPAIR .................................................8
Verbal Updates for Days | Extensive Trouble Shooting | First Start Up | Moroso Non Vtec Valve Cover | Brian Crower Cams

ASPIRATION .................................................9
JDM Type R Cluster | Linkage Bushings | Interior Trim Cleaning | PLX Wideband | Wiring Repairs | Rebuild Friends Engine | OEM Linkage Parts | R*Fab Dead Pedal & Clutch Reservoir | Competition Bumper | Interior Cleaning Again | Prep/Porting Engine #1 | Shift Knob PC'd | Steering Wheel | Repair Door Panel(s)

PROGRESS .................................................10
Interior Cleaning | Door Panel Upholstery | Interior Install | Clutch Reservoir Install | Floor Mat & Trunk Mat Cleaning | Cam Gears | Quick Release | Horn Wiring |

APPROACHING WHOLESOME .................................................11
Steering Wheel & Hardware | Paint Match Exterior Pcs| Tie Rods | Modify Intake Bracket | Fix Seal Issues | Install Cam Gear & New Hardware | Install Moroso VC | Short Test Drive | Correct Driver Mount | Engine Break-in | 2step & New Basemap | Clean More Floor Mats | Fender Liners | Mudguards | OEM Clips & Seal | Interior Pcs | Heater Valve Cover

SAVAGE HEHE .................................................12
Parts Back From Paint | Edge Guard | Front Bumper | Exterior Pcs Install | 1ST Oil Change | Compliance Bushings | Exhaust Piping |New Battery | Dyno Tune | Car Wash | Honda Key | OEM Cam Seals | 2nd Oil Change | 1st Fill Up | Panda Pics

Hello Guys,

My names Joel. Been on here for years, but never really had anything to share. Just lurked. Back when I signed up I was building a gsr engine for my sedan and this forum had tons of info. and I signed up JIC. Here we are years later with a new reason to join and share. Couldn't think of any better place to share except for you guys and "my home" forum NWP. Well, I'm out to break my own curse, my own jinx, my own taboo; Whatever you wish to call it. Time after time I've hit a road block and have skipped to something new, something less frustrating, but in reality it turns out to be the same endeavor. This year I've decided to focus, and revisit everything that I once ran and was running from and do my best to get it all sorted as best I can. It will mean skipping all dreams of grandeur for the present on a few of those matters since the main goal is getting back on track.

I wont get all religious but it's my belief. Won't get all in-depth however I will share a piece with you. This log is called "Godsend," simply because it is. A prayer, the truth in my heart, and a few dreams began to manifest faster than I expected and understood. Inception is most certainly real, you may call it coincidence but that only waters down the truth. I'll elaborate that as the progress happens. Now since I profess it's my "last hurrah" I want to log all my photos paired with the labor of love in this thread to stay organized. This log will be current time so it will be at a reduced pace, plus I haven't done much to a great start? Certainly, Blueprinting time! LOL

I'll just start with these fun facts.... her name is Miley, IDK ask my wife about that one HAHAHA. Ideally for the "LH" I was looking for a black or dap EK all the while, when I saw this car it reminded me of a GSR which I adored so much. Swaying my decision. A buddy of mine owns a simple, CLEAN one, same color but w/ 5lug conversion and USDM ITR wheels. Inspiring. For the price it was posted for it sure beat a sohc ek for 2500 LOL. 2500 into this I could make it a lambo. That was the big dreamer in me at work, regardless there's no turning back now.

Here's how she looked in the ad

Had trouble getting the car on trailer with spares so he let me borrow 2 gsr blades. All loaded home bound. Nearly a week or so later realized the seller was a little shady. He removed the vtec controller he was including in the deal when I set out to get 1 missing spare locally. Not that I needed it, just principal. In return I just kept his light flywheel I was going to remove and send back to him, lol how petty of us. He on the other hand was well aware of what he did and has yet to call for his flywheel he was adamant about the 2 days that followed the purchase.

back home, blades returned, how she sat for a few days

Next was removing the parts I did not need as I had my own. starting with:
Complete Front & Rear disc - sold so fast didn't even get to take a pic
Suspension via shocks and lowering springs - sold
oem rear swayabar - for sale
aftermarket lcas - for sale torn bushings
rear lower tie bar - for sale
LS vtec prepped shortblock complete - for sale needs rings

brakes in limbo, I had to bring home my line wrench tool

the beginning of degreasing the wheel wells and undercarriage I will resume another day w/ oven cleaner. I see a great success rate with that stuff minimal efforts.

Miley's resting position for now. Thanks for looking.

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Looks very clean, what are your plans engine wise? Are you also going 5 lug?
I wish it was "very clean" LOL it needs a bit of love. Well my plans are to build a Daily out of it, as well as using the car for some road racing. It currently has no engine assy. but a LS block. I plan to build yet another GSR. I'm torn on 5 lug, maybe in the future. For now I have my own 4lug setup. I was saving for a del sol I had but I sold the del sol.

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So here was a update I posted on NWP. I had some suspension parts prior to buying this shell that had began already revamping.

JDMJNKY TI / rarespirits NWP said:
As far as updates won't be many, keep in mind it's a real time build. Between work and family it will go slow. But here are some things I had in the works prior to buying this car. I was saving these goods up for my del sol which I sold to my friend, another member here. In retrospect it worked out well that I didn't get a EK, more parts are easily interchangeable with the DC.

This info. comes from the brake thread, when I had some Q's & A's.
rarespirits said:
I have a few question(s) of my own for you brake guys concerning the legend dual piston upgrade. Help me make sense of this, I hope I got it right. Thanks in advance! If I went wrong anywhere in there please correct me. I'm trying to grasp all this.

Legend Calipers - mill bracket

Prelude vtec rotors - redrill

Extended Ball Joints / aka RCAs -When using EBJs ball joints w/ new increased rotor size contact may occur w/ LCA ?

Katman rotor hat spacer - corrects rotor to LCA clearance w/ EBJs, will it push rotors to far forward and require the use of a hub centric ring?

Extended lug nut required - Is arp length a must? is there an oem supplement? I can't recall to the "T" if it was legend studs or?
I don't know if anyone read my post and ?'s, but I want to say thank you guys for not replying! As much as I thought I read, or what reading I camouflaged by speed reading I was naive in posting this question. I woke up this morning determined to give a bit more effort on my end. Even though the topic is danced around in here multiple times, the answer lies in this thread folks. I've read all 120+ pages of this thread. This is a glorious thread if you like to read. If you do have brake questions that needs answering it is in here.

Funny how it all panned out, because as I was reading I was making notes and posting my questions to ask while I was reading. I did not want to forget, nor come off anymore confusing as I did ^^. I hope you guys don't mind links with "captions," now that I know the answer it feels as If I was having a discussion w/self...LOL I'll just post what I have found pertaining to the brake upgrade I was interested in. I've also broke it down in quotes to avoid clutter.

My Q & A's and the source answer section said: & and here covers/mentions oem longer stud from 3.2 CL mentions of 2mm spacer behind the rotor to clear rim
bottom of page the EBJ issue is mentioned EBJ topic is answered loosely but there is no mention of brake kit components. Car was stated to be an EL by sammy J, adj camber kit was mentioned as a possible cause of EBJ contacting rotors. jdmike as the only visual thus far with adj camber kit and EBJ Corey threw out some spacer info here, backed by sammy, used by raul. But raul was using spoon calipers to my knowledge. Post by gourley: The optimal setup for lowering a car to make it perform and handle the way stock is as followed.
: New shocks and springs (Coilovers, 1 piece suspension, or spring and shock combo)
: Extended ball joints (Reduce bump steer and help re align all the suspension components)
: Camber kit, F&R (To set camber back to stock to A: Reduce tire wear and B: proper wheel/suspension alignment)
: Bushings. F&R Control arms Upper and Lower, Trailing arm are just the basics Unless car is new / or if bushings were recently replaced (If you are going to lower any older model Honda/Acura, chances are the bushings are shot and need replacement. Do it right and replace the main suspension bushings at least. You will pat your self on the back when you take it out for the first drive.)
: Alignment and Corner balance If necessary (Alignment is the most important aspect to lowering a car. If your wheels aren't aligned you car won't handle to its maximum performance and cause uneven tire wear. Corner balancing will only add to performance.) & ABC talks about legend calipers w/ 3mm spacer behind rotor. Still no solid answer for EBJ/rotor contact discussion

spacer purchase link NWP4LIFE: Poorman's 4x100 OEM ITR big brake conversion parts Katman addressees one of my concerns, explains spacer vs bracket. this is the area I was confused about. Again there’s no mention to the dynamics when using EBJ/RCAs

"The formula is, you either use the hub spacers w/unshaved caliper brackets or run shaved caliper brackets and no hub spacer.

The point of the hub spacers is so you won't have to shave the caliper brackets at all and keep the brackets oem integrity.” I believe this is the answer here. EGB & 1tuff Thank you guys!! So the spacers are to center rotor properly in the caliper, which is why the EBJ/RCAs touch in the first place?

so milling 3/3.2/3.5/3.7mm or whatever the spec is off the legend 2pot bracket does not provide this clearance?

last post of that page Katman only mentions this spacer to correct ITR/Prelude caliper….does this hold true for legend?? but here he answers it SCHWEEET!!

Off topic conglomerating this info. in a single post of reference. another option to using redrilled prelude / mini rotors
Here's what gay-guy stuff I had planned on purchasing prior to reading. said:
Legend Calipers
Prelude Vtec rotors
Extended Ball Joints
Super Tie rod Arms
Milled Bracket/Spacer
arp studs
wheel bearings

AP1/2 / ep3 / dc5 Calipers
Ep3 rotors
Wheel spacer
Arp Studs
wheel bearings
Now after reading this will be my definitive purchase said:
BUDGET LIST - Legend 2pot Calipers / Prelude vtec ( Vtak/vtek :p ) rotors / Extended Ball Joints

2 pot Legend Calipers w/ bracket
11" Prelude vtec ( h22) rotors redrilled 4x100
KM 3mm Rotor spacer
Extended Ball Joint
96-98 TL rears studs which is 2" long (90113-SD2-005)
Wheel Bearings

S2000/RSX/EP3 Calipers with bracket
EP3 Rotors
96-98 TL rears studs which is 2" long (90113-SD2-005)
Wheel Bearings
Confirmation from the whiz
Katman said:
lol sorry for the late response
I'm finding I'm visiting NWP forum less lately, as are others.

glad you found your answers after some deep soul searching.

just to reiterate, yes you may run into contact issues when using extended LBJ's with a poorman's 11" rotor upgrade.

Being that the prelude vtec rotor's hat is deeper than say a GSR rotor's hat, the inner rotor face is placed closer to the lower ball joint's castle nut and will make contact with this nut in the event of using RCA's (aka extended lower ball joints). But with the use of a 3mm hub spacer, some space is given back, just enough so there is no contact. So in essence, the hub spacer is actually a dual purpose product.

1) corrects rotor offset (properly centers) within an ITR/legend/spoon twin block/NSX caliper's (so no caliper modding is necessary)
2) prevents rotor to castle nut contact when using roll center adjusters (extended ball joints).

However, if you go with mini cooper rotors you don't need a hub spacer and there shouldn't be any contact with the RCA's castle nut either being that the mini rotor's hat is not as deep as a prelude vtec/itr rotor's hat. The only thing I don't like about the mini rotors is that they're 22mm thick (ITR/prelude vtec are 23mm thick = can hang with more heat soak) and lug holes are too big and fit sloppy over honda wheel studs. But it doesn't seem to be a problem as Donut has been rocking & tracking on Mini rotors for a good while now. He's proof they work perfectly fine as a stand in for redrilled prelude vtec or ITR rotors.

rarespirits said:
Thanks for affirming.

My goods ordered starting to arrive. Reman nissin legend 2pot calipers w/ bracket

Used EP3 Calipers I will rebuild. One arrived w/ dust boot torn :(

4x100 3mm Hubcentric Spacer 56.1mm
rarespirits said:
Thank you Tech, but I left out a few images Oooops! I'll continue the updates as I go.

Rear Trailing arms Before cleaning and disassembly.

after cleaning and disassembly to illustrate a lil paint goes a long way, some fresh coats of paint on my new old parts revive them quite nicely.

I was a can short of black to drizzle everything in gloss so I decided to give some wrinkle paint I had left a try on the rear splash shields. I like it so I may do the front as well.

dropped some paint on the front knuckles. The only reason I have not replaced the bearings on either front or rear is because they looked really good upon inspection. If it bites me later, I'll have to suck it up and redo. Gift & Curse.

buy new bolts they said...I said ehh ehh!

the aftermath and assembly, just got one more bushing to press in. I'll get better pics as well these were taken late in the day low light/indoor

rarespirits said:
No worries about that ^ got it all sorted. Accords, S2000s, Preludes all have 3 channel and 4 channels abs systems so if you are looking for a smaller ABS module for your 3 channel any of those car will work as long as you get the appropriate connector ( hard part ). ITR and Prelude share the same modulator. As for me and my fix, I ended up getting all my compadres leftovers from his dc that went K. I wasn't going to cheap the homie but it was all scrap to him anyway, so I offered and gave him $100 for the Modulator, abs harness, abs ecu, and 4 sensors.

Now where I went wrong was in decision/planning. I was planning on building an EK HB, but ended up buying a bg33 integra. ABS was factory on these cars and that key fact totally slipped through my blueprints. Upon removal and sale of the disc brake conversion I realized the rear discs I was building were not abs compatible. Stuck in a hard spot, I contacted the buyer to verify he did not need the ABS before I swapped over the parts. Luckily he didn't and I dodged a bullet this time. Why does anyone want ABS anyway I have my reasons.

Onto the next phase. To convert non abs rear hubs to abs you can simply swap over the rear hubs, unless you dolled them all up like I did and welded in your extended studs.....Ugggh Poorly planned again. I felt so retarded for that one.

To convert to abs if you do not wish to loose welded in extended studs you will need to get to work, and acquire the following:

Rear ABS dust shield
Rear ABS Hub ring
Machine shop
4CH Rear abs sensors - 98+ Integra = prelude/accord/ AP2 same ( don't recall anyone confirming the interchangeability of 3CH sensors using 4CH modulator )
Aerosol of choice to suit if you've painted your parts.

ABS provision rear hub

Hub & Ring

Ring bored out to fit ( so machine rings to the smallest ID, as it is pressed on it will fit tighter on the hub at it's largest OD )

Snug fit Hub Tapers

So this was a completed pic until I encountered the ABS ordeal LOL

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Good work so far!

I remember you had a battleship grey hatch on H-T a few years back if im not mistaken.

Good luck on your build bro. I'll be checking in for sure.

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Good work so far!

I remember you had a battleship grey hatch on H-T a few years back if im not mistaken.

Good luck on your build bro. I'll be checking in for sure.
You are not, LOL. That was a sad defeat. 3mo. long battle w/ pomona PD and that dream build was crushed. Thank You, and thanks for checkin in on this one.

As far as updates go, a post ago I mentioned phase one and phase 2, after a quick slap, the wife brought me back to ground zero. We had planned a vegas turnaround to get a swap and get phase 1 complete, meaning the car would be up & running asap. Well the school bus she drives daily needed some brake work and the trip plus maintenance would allow me to afford the swap, and the other odd ends I wish to sort with the car. This all led to me canceling that plan. I ain't rich..LOL On top of that upon beginning this thread I mentioned my earnest plea was to revisit everything on pause and finish some lingering things. Being strict on myself in the most crucial way to accomplish this. Now onto the log..... suspension parts I was saving for the del sol that now will go to the DC. If you guys have any ?'s on parts I've chosen feel free to ask or comment. There's some logic, not just price and generic parts being tossed about for the sake of bling.

Megan - Rear Toe Kit

J2 STEEL, YUP Durable Steel, Not aluminum - Rear Camber Kit

J2 Billet FLCA

and lastly Tru Hart RCAs

3months ago, I ordered these for the del sol, before the nt03 craze resurfaced. I bough them because It fit my tastes, and was a combination of everything I love. I love Nt03s, I love the concave face, and I love a lil lip. The topper, It fit my budget for the del sol. I wasn't going all baller on that. The down side, hella flush sizing is all they offer. I'll navigate around that hurdle later. Off to PC they go.....

now we deal with various suspension companies, and I've ridden in various cars. My but dyno can pick a quarrel with many top brands. None of this info is based on price, it is my honest but dyno. Months prior I installed a set on a customers car, at a fraction of the costs these units took me by surprise. The customer was definitely pleased. The company offered these coilovers in 2 rate ratings, street 8k 6k and race 10k 7k ( stiff side - girls beware ). I chose these in race over popular non dampening units simply because my butt dyno told me to. LOL. I'm not a guru, all my choices are based of my real world experiences. My conclusion is not absolute, do your own thing as I do mine. Use your best discretion buying parts and do yourself a favor to learn one or two facts before making a big purchase. I may sell these after temp. use anyway and try the new Godspeed Mono max due out in April.

Coilovers I've owned/rode on:

HKS Hypermaxx II Civic 3dr - Owned

F&F T1 Civic 4dr - Owned Daily

F&F T2 Civic 4dr - Owned Aggressive Daily

F&F T1 Accord - Owned Daily

Megan SS Accord - Owned Daily

Megan SS STI - Owned Mild Auto x use

BC STI - Ridden w/in 1yr of two sample drives these are by far the worst coilovers. Quality faded noticeably

Koni/GC DC2 - EHHHH why do ppl recommend this stuff. I'm guessing this was OTS stuff. For the money a cheap coilover will be far superior

Kw's V2's - S2k OMG boatload of crap. S2k was slammed in defense.

BC N+ EK - Drove this for a few hours. Felt blown maybe, rode like coilover sleeves, or maybe I was bias this day.

BC N+ TSX - Rode like shocks and a good spring, can't complain much there. At least it was comfy

Skunk2 pro C - on fg/fd horrible for the price. This was yrs ago, it's left a lasting impression.

Skunk2 RR prep EG - Drove this for a few hrs. The only other coilover I thought was nice. Especially coming from skunk. Can't recall if it was pro S I / II. Car was on the lighter side.

OLD Godspeed WRX - Rode shotugun then asked to drive, rather impressed, felt on par if not better than my megan ss.

One of the last few bits to come....the GSP RSB w/ Brace kit. Now this I can say I bought to be cheap. Uppers and Downers, I gotta test prod. before I encourage others to use it."

since I wish to do a lot of the build myself I will be needing a compressor, but that means long overdue garage cleaning. I've been a lazy messy boy. :(


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Nice start! Welcome to the site. Can't wait to see more. Looks like quality work and parts so fsr

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Nice start! Welcome to the site. Can't wait to see more. Looks like quality work and parts so far
Thank you for the welcome, and thanks for checking this out so far. Tons more to do, just need to get on the ball. I'm doing my best to get the updates going steadily I just hate a million images on one page LOL. Either way there are certainly some changes coming and updates coming.

Tackled getting the compressor all wired up this past wknd. I have no electrical knowledge, I joined a DIY network, I asked precise questions, on top of picking the brains of certified electricians, the guy at home depot along w/ everyone else was very helpful. This process is not the most fun, and can be difficult. Each house is different, please use your best judgment to decide wether your going to try a diy project or call a professional when installing your own unit.

My compressor came with the washer & dryer plug, so this must be changed to "industry STD." It's a by choice option apparently. I set out to get everything up to code-ish buying the following items:
6-30 Receptacle
6-30 Plug
10-2 NM-B cable
30Amp dbl-pole Breaker
Gang box
Receptacle cover

the look of a breaker panel

intimidation continues

I post this pic because I think it's funny. I was schooled to look for punch-outs, punch-outs are exactly that, blocked holes that can be knocked out to provide access/routing locations. Logically I went for the big one first. My thoughts, I'd punch that out, then and have quick access through the drywall making it a quick and simple setup, easy right? lol. After banging it a few times it didn't budge, but I saw the hole beneath it lift so I decided to use that one. Once I had the smaller hole open I put my finger in to feel around, I realize the big one I was trying to punch out rested on the drywall hahaha.

that sorted, began to run my cable. some houses go up, some go down, the precise code way for an electrician would have been to go up through the attic, then back down. We'd be going down obviously.

This cover was key to success, thank you phone company. I will not be using this hole, just getting the feel for what needs to be done.

breaker wired up, test fitting location, ground is attached later

marked cut out for the "gang box" - I cut this with dewalt carbide blades using a general purpose utility knife. Box mounted, cable fished through from the other side.

6-30 Receptacle Wired up, mounted to gang box, then covered w/ ss receptacle cover

New 6-30 plug wired onto compressor plug

Lastly I hit the service disconnect switch, cutting power to the home. I went back to the circuit panel, removed my 30amp fuse, trimmed the ground wire, and reinstalled it all. Once finished I turned power back on, put the breaker cover back on, labeled my breaker location, then plugged in the compressor, it fired right up! FIRST TRY! :biggrin:

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PLEASE put some strain reliefs on those knockout holes. Any movement will cause the sharp edges to cut the romex and short one or both conductors to the box or each other. It's an eventuality.

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What would I be looking for precisely? will some rubber edging do the trick?

would it be something like this?

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Either one of those should work. For wiring 220 AC stuff we used the top one and it had no problem passing code. I would just head to your local Home Depot or hardware store and grab whatever they have.

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Thanks guys! was going to set out to get this done today but extreme laziness overtook me. LOL Shame on me. So if I don't trek out to button willow with my buddies tomorrow I'll get this done.

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In the meanwhile onto some updates. Sold the DNA coilovers, they were needed and I had them on hand, so they were sold. I will be grabbing some Godspeed Mono Maxs as soon as they are freed up from the docks. A few weeks ago I bailed out a friend in a jam and he in return blessed me. I gave him a d16y7 swap, and he gave me a b18c1 long block. It needed a new crank which he also threw in and it needs assembly. I've never been the one to stay stock if I build something so let's watch as it unfolds.

The shortblock

the extractor - 3 flywheels bolts stripped

one bolt gave way to the extractor, the other two I had to sand off. LOL We let our friend take the cutoff wheel the day before haha oops. 5mins of sanding w/ some gnarly pads, no biggie. I stopped here because some friends had came to visit. I told them, I was sanding down this bolt so no one would ever steel my flywheel. Such Laughter.

mounted to an engine stand for teardown

Crank and rods removed it was time to instal the BDL Blockguard we let sit in the freezer overnight (THANKS & S/O to Mike @ Highend Autosports for the BG, no it wasn't free, yes we pay! )

my advice use a old exhaust bolt, lightish hammer and pound away. I tried a 1/4 extension, and some other bolt and failed. Struck an edge of the cylinder thankfully nothing crucial, the block is being decked anyway; problem solved. Putting the guard in the freezer netted us minimum cyl. distortion. Which is good. I was still able to slid the pistons in and out afterward.

the aftermath of us drilling extra coolant holes between the cylinders

stripped waiting to go to the machine shop - some parts should be here any day


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I didn't head out to big willow as planned/hoped, but it's ok. I did as I said and suggested. I went to HD to grab those strain relief connectors. I also picked up some wood to start some diy shelving. This will be the bottom shelf. There's a concrete ledge in my garage that is uneven so I'll be cutting down some 2x6's since there is no such thing as 2x5's LOL

Shelf #1 Design w/ supports, which will be covered by the sheets of pine.

| | | | | | | | |

As for today, slugs, slugs, and more slugs, going w/ pr3's for this build. Full floating w/ anti friction skirts. Great benefit for road racing. Ordered some other goods that should be arriving this week. The rest of block goods I'll be picking up tomorrow on my runs.


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ok so I'm late trying to update and push some images through. Hoping to get my thread up to date, but so far the major updates are current, the minors are behind a tad. After this update we will be 100% on current time on all updates, less interior goods.

I was hunting for a carpet cleaner and found my buddy selling his online. Sent him a shipping label on a sat, it was here on a monday.My lil green machine to clean some bride seats and integra current carpet, also included the bride I sold to offset the purchase of these two.

the sold seat

The new to me seats

thanks jegs...hope these help in my diy port adventure

a porting set from eastwood

some extra bits from summit

getting my garage up to snuff at a low start up I purchased these goods as well. I pretty much bought these from an private seller that shops where harbor freight does, and for less :D

Picked up a husky box finally. Ordered this in jan. from HD.

Some tools I found on special at sears

Onto the Engine side of things parts procured
- Godspeed H Beam Rods w/ bolts
- OEM Oil Pump
- ACL Race Bearings
- GMB water pump
- Engine gasket set

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I'm personally not a fan of block guards. But everything else looks great. Nice start to a thread :)

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I'm personally not a fan of block guards. But everything else looks great. Nice start to a thread :)
Thanks Mutt. Neither am I lol. If I can build a motor w/out the use of one I prefer too. My focus was simply reinforcement. On a typical street motor this is overkill and I would not be using one. This setup will be my daily and my wknd warrior, any extra support I can lend to the sleeves I'm all for it. We all know GSRs have semi stout sleeves and are capable of handling lots of power. I'm after whatever support it can offer for very lil out of pocket expense. I'm already boring this block with unknown mileage to .20 over ( 81.50mm ). I plan to road race the heck out of it every opportunity I get. If this part allows me 1 more race than the other guy without...........its money well spent IMO.

Nice parts!

I have the same toolbox. Its been working well so far.
Wipes sweat from forehead, I haven't loaded it up yet and wondered if I'd be in for a surprise, hahaha. I was sketchy about buying it, but at $250, it's like coming home to the misses wearing nothing more than a trench coat.

Liking where this build thread is going, love the wheels in for more updates.
Thank you, because I feel a creative road block approaching in the color choice department, thankfully I'm not close to that just yet. I hope it continues to progress. From here we just wait on parts, earn more money to buy more parts, and pray the machine shop gets started on the block. I dropped it off last week, some more goods yesterday, the block and crank still chillin on the side. They must be busy....:frown:
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