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1) EVAP monitor ready on my 99 Auto LS
Its been a while since I disconnected the battery.
All but EVAP monitor is not ready.
How long does it take to become ready on your cars?

What specific issues are common that does not make it ready:
  • specific areas of vacuum leak
  • components to be replaced
  • anything else?
-> this car has a tendency for LTFT to max out on idle on Park/Neutral (not on D4). Clues

2) SMOG on 2000 or older models
There is no dynamo test in California for 2000 or older
So does it matter if the car warmed up?
How are they measuring NO, HC levels on exhaust on 2000 or newer cars?

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Readiness monitors being ready can vary. Sometimes, a few hundred miles with multiple vehicle shut-down/cool down cycles in between. Honda does not set the specific mileage and/or time frame of when readiness monitors are set. The ECU will determine this based upon numerous factors with other parameters of the vehicle.

Best advice. Drive the vehicle with cool down cycles in between.
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