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Getting the ECU/CEL Code

Pulling the codes on our 90/91 tegs is pretty easy!

Now to get the codes there aren't any connectors to cross or anything like that you just have to pull up the carpet on the passenger side (you may, actually you will most likely will have to remove the kick panel as well to get the carpet up).

Carpet pulled back should look like this.

The big metal plate is what protects the ecu.

Now the circled "window" on this pic will allow you to see the LED which will read out the codes to you.

READING THE CODES When the ecu is giving you the codes it gives them in long & short flashes. Each long flash stands for a multiple of 10, and each short stands for 1. So....

The ecu can also be giving you more then one code at a time so if there is more then one code the LED will remain unlit to what is equivelant to roughly two of the long flashes. The ecu will continue to give the codes in a loop so if you miss a code just be patient and it will come around and give you the codes over and over till you are able to write them down.

1 Oxygen Content
3 MAP Sensor
4 Crank Angle Sensor
5 MAP Sensor
6 Coolant Temperature
7 Throttle Angle
8 TDC Position
9 No 1 Cylinder Position
10 Intake Air Temperature
12 Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
13 Atmosphere Pressure
14 Electronic Air Control
15 Ignition Output Signal
16 Fuel Injector
17 Vehicle Speed Sensor
43 Fuel Supply System

- If the ECU Led is flashing irregularly (too fast or slow) then the ECU is suspect.
- The CEL and the ECU LED may be constantly on simutaneously, indicating a system problem. it may be just an intermittent electrical connection. If the connections are good and the CEL and ECU LED stays lit it is the ECU.
- The CEL and S4 lights may come on when the ECU is blinking a 6,7, and 13. this may indicate a PGM-FI fault (fuel injection).

If you have any question/comments/suggestions let me know
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You can also discuss them in this thread

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If its only throwing the vss code and it loops does that mean itll have 1 long and 7 short flashes each time or could it continue off the same line cause i feel the long flashes are as long as the repeat
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