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Well, where to start? Hrrm....

Taking offers on everything, unless otherwise stated.

The first few items are from my 98 LS.

OEM amber corners- $30 + shipping

OEM intake system - $40 + shipping

OEM header - $40 + shipping

JVC KD SX-750 - $50 + shipping

I got this head unit along with another one for christmas a few years ago. It was in my car for 6 months or so, and half the face plate stopped working. Like, from a certain button over did not work. I think there is a chance that it may have gotten wet, but I am not sure what was wrong with it and I never got around to sending it out to be looked at.

Pyle prefabricated box for 2 12's - $70 + shipping

I do not know the volume of this box, but if anyone is interested, I will gladly work it out for them.

12 inch Pyle sub that I know NOTHING about, except that it works - $20 shipping

JL Audio 8w1 with or without box - $75 + shipping

Specs on this subs are as follows:

Single voice coil
4 Ohm
100 watts RMS

JL Audio windshield decal $10 + shipping

Comes with instructions and an application thingymadoober.

Boss War 575 amp $75 + shipping

Specs for this amp are as follows:

Max power, 2ohm 450w x 2
RMS power, 4ohm 170w x 2
Bridged power 900w x 1
Signal-to-noise ratio >105dB
THD .01%
Dimensions, LxWxH 13 3/4" x 11" x 2 7/8"

Rockford Fosgate Power 800.2 amp

The specs for this amp are as follows: $220 + shipping

200x2 watts RMS @ 4ohms
400x2 watts RMS @ 2 ohms
800x1 watts RMS bridged into 4 ohms

My cousin told me that he would give me $200 for this amp if I could not get a better price. I loved this amp, and I hate to see it go, but it is now just taking up space.

All prices are negotiable to an extent, so let me here what you got.

I am also willing to accept trades, so lmk d00ds.

Pictures are also readily available upon request.

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Sorry, like I said, my cousin has offered me 200 if I can't get anything better, so basically, someone would have to offer me at least $200.01 for me to sell it to them.

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Well, the satellite system is gone and the shift knob will be gone by tomorrow. I have edited my post to reflect that. So basically, if there is a pic and/or description, then it is still for sale.

And sorry about the pics going in and out, imagestation is weird sometimes.
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