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1995 GS-R White.
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Long story but to get my white GS-R back I had to buy everything the guy had for it including a rusty donor car with a "Rebuilt motor with 60k". The motor is in but I forgot how the cable was exactly ran. Then I wondered what intake this actually is.

So an ITR intake will NOT fit on a b18c1 GS-R which originally had the reverse arching dual channel intake.

So which intake is this? And can I run Cruise Control?

I was told it was (is) an "ITR" intake on the rebuilt engine. Looks like a skunk 2 but there is no insignia or anything but a few numbers by the throttle body.
040420*** ? It is said that particular one doesn't line up with the bolts.

Thanks for any help Team.

GSR Grady in Wisco

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