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This is a quick how-to for installing a new fuel pump in your generation 3 Integra. The pump is located under the rear seat bottom in a 2 door and under a panel in the trunk of a 4 door.

Start off by relieving fuel pressure in the car. If you have a fuel cutoff switch (and you should!), simply start the car and activate the cut off... when the car stalls, turn off the ignition. If you don't have a fuel cutoff switch, then start the car and pull the fuel pump fuse until the car stalls.

OK, so now we don't have to worry about spraying gas everywhere, let's start getting to the pump.

01) Open up the car as much as possible... windows, sunroof, hatch... this will help cut down on lingering gas smell obviously. Now remove the three screws securing the top cover of the fuel pump

02) Remove the two wire plug and the two fuel lines. I suggest putting a rag underneath the lines to catch any seeping gas. The left hand line needs the clip moved out of the way then the line will pull off. The right hand line in the pic has a plastic retainer clip and then will easily pull off.

03) Remove the six 10mm nuts securing the pump assembly to the gas tank

04) The assembly slides up and out at a 45 degree angle... once this is out, I suggest taking some rags to cover the hole to cut down on gas fumes

05) With the assembly up on your work area, unplug the power plug and slide the wire clip up/off so there is enough slack to get the old pump out around the wires

06) Slide off the hose, OR, if your new kit came with a new piece of hose, like mine did, cut off the old hose with a knife by slicing it lengthwise (kind of like the way a hot dog bun is cut). You can then twist the old pump off the bracket. Try to keep the length of this hose the same to help line up the new hose later on

07) Here is my new pump (Autophonics 255 LHP model) next to the old pump

08) I put the new piece of hose on the new pump and lined it up to the old pump and matched the overall length from the bottom of the pump to the end of the hose

09) This was the hardest part I ran into: carefully remove the metal retaining clip that holds the filter to the bottom of the pump. I ended up using a flat-head jeweler's screwdriver to bend one of the three tabs up, then it fell right off (we'll be re-using this piece, so don't lose it !). I used a flat head and a hammer to flatten the bent tab back into place

10) Sorry for the bluriness of this picture, but you can see the large-at-a-45-degree-angle filter on the very left next to the new filter included in the kit. The thing to note is that the new filter has a completely different and shorter way of connecting to the fuel pump

11) Why is this a problem? because the short neck of the new filter prevents the pump from going back into the mounting assembly... my solution? use the old filter

12) Here is the new fuel pump, new host, old filter, and a stainless steel zip tie for good measure all put together and ready to go back into the car

13) Reinstall by sliding back into the gas tank, securing the (6) nuts holding it to the tank (spec'd torque is 53 foot/pounds), reattaching both lines and plugging back in

14) Get your fuel pump back online (by putting the fuse back in or turning off your cutoff) and see if your car can get it's gas !

15) If you don't have a Fuel Cutoff on your car... do it while your car is apart ! (link to how-to)

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