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93 Integra GS. 186k B20 swap, CAI, Header, Exhaust.
The swap was done a year ago last Feb.

Alright I need some help from all the electrical geniuses.
Here is my story:

Well I had a problem the other day. Like the car was sputtering a little bit mainly between 2500 and 3500 rpms. When I would feel it sputter I let off the gas and hit it again. The sputtering went away. It was making the same type of symptons as if the fuel pump was turing off. How do I know. Ive hit my kill switch before going down the road to see what would happen. I figure uh oh, my switch is going out. Well it didnt do anything for the rest of the day. So im like ok just a little bug.

Next day, Im driving down the road. All of a sudden my car shuts off on me. RPM's drop to 0. I pull into a gravel parking lot. Pop the hood, check the battery cables their fine. (just out of curiousity). Try to crank the car again nothing. I listen, Fuel pump is not turning on. So I flip the switch still nothing, try again nothing. So I get to checking fuses. Come to find out Fuse # 24 is blown. Alternator Solenoid Valve. Its a 15A fuse. I replace with luckily I've got some fuses in my car just for reasons if something happens.

So I run a few tests of my own. I hit the swtich off while going down the road. Just acts like there is no fuel. The rpms stay fine right where their at just act like I just let off the gas. So Im in the driveway and start the car, take the fuse #24 out. And bam car dies right away.

Alright So back to what I really need help with. What would cause the fuse to just blow like that? Where would I check for a short at? What is the fuse #24 actually for? This happened sunday. Didnt do anything like it again since then. Does anyone have any ideas?

Sorry for my lost post. Just thought I would let everyone know my story and what I've tried, before im asked to try it again or something. Thanx for looking and Thanx for helping even if you can't help.

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