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Greetings all!
I’m a long time forum reader, since this is my 1st time posting here’s some of my integra’s history…

I have a ’92 LS that has been in my family since it was brand new, so I know all its history and still have all the service records. It was an excellent vehicle and very fun to drive - for its first 10 years.

In ’03 a lot of stuff started breaking - the little grommets for the cabin air intake cowl dry rotted and leaked rain water all over my ECU, and the main fuel relay kept me guessing for quite a while, it only malfunctioned in very hot weather. I replaced both of those. Then the air conditioner, seat belts, cruise control, radiator, etc. all went south. (I think it became insanely jealous of my brand new 02 CR-V!)

I kept up with all those repairs but drove it less and less. In 2011 at 160k miles I took it of the road, parked it, and threw a tarp over it. For 5 years I started it every month or so and drove it around the yard, made sure nothing was leaking. Then I let it go unattended for almost a year. Last fall I decided to see if it would run. I put in a new battery and drained the old gas, filled it up with fresh gas and it started right up and drove fine! Other then a stuck caliper and a bad alternator, no other major problems.

After I replaced the alternator it ran so well that I decided if it wasn’t too badly rusted I would bring it back to life and get it painted.

I took everything out of the interior, down to the metal, just to make sure it wasn’t all rusted out. I only found one small rust hole under the rear brake light, and I had to replace the rear bumper insert, it was crumbling. The front bumper insert was good so I sealed & painted it. All in all not too bad, less rust than I had expected.

Next I started deleting. All the A/C, cruise control, power steering, stock air intake - all deleted.

Then a good tune-up. Plugs, cap, rotor, wires, air filter, fuel filter, a couple oil changes and it was running great, no check engine lights, just a little valve chatter.

Winter came and I covered it back up for a couple months. I just got back to it, ready to do a valve lash adjustment, paint the valve cover, new brakes all around, and then it’s off to the body shop for some fresh paint.

But after sitting for those couple months, now it won’t start!

It cranks, has spark at the plugs, all the fuses look good. I pulled out the ECU took the panel off, circuit board is still nice and shiny, no corrosion, no leaky or swollen capacitors, nothing obvious. Also, no fuel smell at all after many repeated attempts to start.

It was 90 degrees outside so I thought it was probably that main fuel relay again, it’s over 10 years old. So I replaced it with a brand new one, but still no joy.

When I turn the key to the II position I hear and feel the MFR click once. Then after 2 seconds the check engine light turns off, but no fuel pump prime noise. My interior is still stripped down to the metal so I know what the pump prime hum should sound like. The plug connections on top of the sending unit look good, no corrosion.

I’m not very good at electrical troubleshooting to say the least, but it seemed like a good time to learn. So I went and bought a little multimeter.
While everything was plugged together as normal, I grounded the black multimeter probe on the body and stuck the red probe in the back of the sending unit plug and tested the yellow wire with the black stripe. With the key in the II position it registered 12 volts for 2 seconds and then back to zero, every time. Still not a peep from the pump.

So power is getting to the sending unit, but no prime.

Is that a conclusive test for a 26 year old fuel pump being bad?

Or do I need to do more testing before I drop the gas tank (I’m not looking forward to that chore).

I’ve seen that some tests involve jumping wires on the mfr and also ground testing?

Thanks in advance!
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