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Fuel Induction Cleaning

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I Just got a Fuel Induction Cleaning done on my 98 LS at Tires Plus...and they told me that it would give it a more intense cleaning than just the stuff you pour in the gas tank...and ultimately give me more gas mileage...but since its been done i went from 28 MPG to 22 i went back and told them...and they said it would take 2 or 3 tanks of gas to completely clean and bring my MPG back up...Is this guy bsing me?
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mileage varies with a ton of things. your air cleaner or wrong spark plug gap or O2 sensor misread or or tire pressure or gas that you use or the way you drive from one day to the next (even the roads that you take being varied with more uphills can change the mileage) .

There's just too many things that can cause your drop in mileage here to pin point.

it's not 1 thing alone. That's why they do mileage tests for the EPA on the dyno where they try to remove all the variables and try to keep the drive method the same or standardized so that they can compare before and after a change is made.

they didn't guarantee you improved mileage by a certain amount.

it's "common sense" that if you remove some of the carbon build up on the valves and seats and combustion chamber, you'll get a better burn and therefore better mileage.

What he's saying is it may take a day or 2 for the deposits to be cleared.

But you should make sure the little things like tire pressure and air filter and plug gap and valve lash are correct before you make a call.

you'll soon find out if he's BSing you if you correct those and still get a drop if you don't drive with a lead throttle foot on a day because you have road rage or something.

keep your driving style the same for the next couple of days and see what the mileage is like.
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