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FS/WTT Engine parts for seats/turbo parts

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I have a bunch of stuff i was going to build an LSVTEC with but i have scrapped the project and am trying to inprove what i have. Im looking for a few items and id like to trade with what i have

I dont want to ship id rather deal in person

Koni Yellows with springs
15" wheels aftermarket or OEM (Blades or Mesh only)
ASR or equivelant Brace
ITR Climate Control/Clock
USDM ITR Front and Rear Seats
98+ Black Rear Seats
Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Mirrors
Turbo parts

GSR Tranny w/ Linkage
Complete B16 Head
DC 4-1 2.5 Collector Header
AC Mount
OBD1 GSR Dizzy
OBD1 GSR Starter
GSR Power steering pump
OBD1 B18B block with crank
LS Crank
NEW 81.25 OEM ITR Pistons/Rings
ARP Headstuds/Rod Bolts
VTEC Solenoids
GSR Hondata IM Gasket
Lots of these items have brand new bolts/gaskets/etc from Honda
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Ill trade ya black USDM ITR seats front and back for the tranny + b16 head. (backs are 4 door) Im sure if you cant use the rear seats they sell for a pretty penny. 4dr rear recaros in good condition are pretty hard to come by
when and u get them mike?
Crank polished or anything?
no crank isnt polished but checked by a reputable machine shop
only looking to trade?
no FS or Trade
how much you looking for the Complete B16 Head
585. does not include dizzy
where exactly are you located.... im interested in a couple things on your list. pm'ed u
where to trade for Turbo parts...decided to boost my LS instead of the build
i'm interested in the GS-R tranny. how much? i have turbos and HoNDATA S200 to trade.
ridah your inbox is full i sent you an email
Hey are those arp headstuds and hondata gasket new?? if so pm me with a price
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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