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Selling my project due to personal reasons: Less hours at work makes paying for bills, school, and this project an additional burden. Also, I now have the opportunity to build a 2 car garage at my parents house which would make picking up another itr much easier in the near future after college.

Significant Facts:
-Car was purchased in July 07' as a rolling shell, missing swap wheels.
-Clean title
-Matching odometer with mileage
-Matching Badge
*These 3 items are extremely important in terms of a full restoration and should not be overlooked*

Since its purchase I have made very minor progress on the car:
-OEM 98' Wheels
-OEM 98' CW rear bumper
-removed stickers
-cleaned/degreased engine bay.

-Koni Yellow Shocks
-Skunk2 Adj. Coil Springs
-Skunk2 Lower Tie Bar

The car is only missing the following:
-Motor, transmission, axles, mounts, shiftlinkage, ecu
-Front Seats
-Pass. Floor mat

Items availible that were purchased for this project:
-B18C1 longblock *spun rod bearing
-Engine harness

Asking $4400obo

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South-Paw on Oct/07/07 said:
Dang man if only i had the money i would come pick that up in a heartbeat. Wanna do a payment plan? lol
Payment plan is what I'm on. Go to your bank, and ask if you can take out personal loan.

This car came up for sale locally and within two days I was signed up for a loan with a fixed IR. Unfortunately I am making 60% of what I used to make, hence why I am putting this up for sale.

I appreciate all the comments guys, please get the word out to anyone searching for an R.

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hope wednesday is a good day for you, Ryan.
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