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FS:Turbo Stuff! Fuel,Couplers...

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alright i have some stuff for sale here. the only thing that is not new on here is the injectors which were on the car for one season, which was one they have about 1200 miles on them.
here are prices and pics.
1) Siemens Dekka Injectors.*need resistor box* 86lb 1548HP max. the # on them is 3105 *SOLD*

2) Complete -6 braided line from the stock filter to the rail, the rail to the regulator... with all the fittings that will fit any size rail. $170 obo for all of it.

3) Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump for DA integras. brand new with all the fittings, only taken out of box for pics. $75 shipped

4) Turbo Muffler made by X-Tune. 3 inch inlet with a 5 inch tip. got it for $100 dollars, but i will take anything for this to get rid of it... best offer.

5) i have 2.5 Inch silcon couplers with T Bolt clamps. my camera died as a took this pic, so the batteries are charging. all BRAND new and will get pics upon request. BEST OFFER.
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walbro - 190,255,255hp ????

injectors - peak and hold or saturated ?
the walbro is the 255lph... and you need a resistor box for those injectors, i dont know why i was assuming you all knew! thanks Vance.
it appears that the feul pump has the install kit/filter also.

that pump also works for a CRX, I think.
pm sent to you!
clamps, couplers are pending.
thanks Croy! fuel lines are sold!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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