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Gotta rid of one of the toys, going to just use the daily driver/beater as an occasional track car. The car is a 1995 civic CX trim level. It is far from daily driveable, and just shy of a rollcage/backbrace to be H2 competitive/legal. I very highly doubt the car will sell as a whole, but I will entertain that as well as parting it out. It is powered by a B18c1, which I rebuilt over the winter. There are right around 7-10k miles on the engine, would have to check my paperwork to be sure. The transmission in the car is an ITR trans, that at this point has right around 3000 miles on it. The clutch and flywheel were replaced when the trans was put in the car. They are a Competition Clutch stage 3, and an Exedy chromoly flywheel. The rest of the car consists of the following:

ITR trans, 3500-4500 miles-1200
Exedy Chromoly 9ish lb flywheel with stage 3 Competition clutch-(about 3500-4500 miles)-450
PIC Select 14k/16k rates(have ITR upper bushings for them)-1000
24mm OEM front sway-100
22mm Progress rear sway-SOLD
OEM rear TA bushings
ES rear LCA bushings
Kirk racing 4 point rollbar-400
Schroth 6 point harness-200
G Force 5 point harness-100
Sparco PRO2000 driver seat(fia expired, cover has a few holes)-300
P28 ECU+Hondata s200-300
Accessory fuse panel wired under dash
recent rear wheel bearings(one with around 3k miles)
recent front wheel bearings/balljoints
extended ARP front studs
Earls oil cooler(10/11x6x2.75)-Complete oil cooler setup, and lines-250
-8an aeroquip plumbing
remote filter
Jimfab lower torque mounts
Stoptech brake lines
ITR front brakes(with brackets, rebuilt this past winter on OEM kits)-150
GSR rear brakes-SOLD
GSR steering rack(near new OEM outter tie rods)-100
Apexi WS exhaust(needs better exhaust)-300
Ingalls rear camber kit-75
Blox front camber kit-100
JDM ITR non-srs steering wheel(horn is hooked up)-180

There are a ton of other things I am sure I will add to that, but the engine consists of:

Complete engine-less manifolds-2500(I spent WELL over this in parts, and machine work)
OEM B18c1 1997(has obd2 harness, plugged directly in to the shock towers. no altered wiring, and no mess)
Factory overbore
NEW OEM pistons
OEM rods
NEW OEM main bolts
ARP head studs
New timing belt~50 miles ago
New oil pump~50miles ago
ARP rod bolts
block decked .004
head milled .019
NEW OEM valve guides
NEW OEM ITR valve springs, seats, retainers
Comptech race header-600
Skunk2(blox look alike) IM-175
Hondata S200-Tuned by Sander 187/132(have dyno sheet, from another run) on a DynoJet.

All engine machine work was done by Jim Justice.

4 Kosei K1 with near dead RA1, 4 additional GREAT shape RA1-600
4 extra Kosei K1-(with Azenis, useable for a few more weekends-2 have patch/plugs)-400
Front knuckles
Front LCAs
one rear trailing arm
a few doors
hatch glass
tons of other ****, I am SURE that I just cant think of. Every single part I have ever put on this has been OEM, from the dealer.

I have performed every piece of work on this car, and can give any info about anything listed. All prices are OBO, but I will not hesitate to shoot down any bullshit offers. Check my rating, and buy with confidence. Shipping AT BUYERS EXPENSE. I will ship to the US, and Canada(not big items to Canada though)

PM, or email- [email protected]

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Braided, yes. They have around 5500-6500 miles on them. They have the plastic liner around the stainless braid.

Theyre about 175 new, I will take 100. I also have brand new Goodridge lines, 100+shipping.

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In great working order, I put some new endlinks on it, but I think they could use a shorter bolt. Does have new bushings and spacers though.

I can do 120 shipped, no problem.

redgsr- Sparco seat and Schroth harness-500+shipping
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