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I have for sale the following parts off my turbo kit:

-STC Interceptor turbo 75 lb/min (Coolant and oil lines included). Maybeeee 100 hours of run time ? This thing is one of a kind and simply runs amazing. It made 630whp on my LS/VTEC with plenty of room for more.

T04S Compressor Cover .70A/R
HKS-Designed Machined Ported Shroud
T6(temper)-7075 Forged aluminum wheel, 7 splitter blade design
Inducer: 60.82mm
Exducer: 89mm (Extended tip)
CHRA: Garrett Ballistic Steel Ball-Bearing Series 452
7/16-24 oil feed (same as GT-R and GTX series)
14mm water ports
Garrett Nickel-Iron Cast Alloy composition
T3 T31 2.5" 4 bolt design .63A/R Volute.
Inducer (Wheel Diameter): 71.66mm modified
[2* degree angle clip]
Exducer: 61.8

Tread stone TR10 (650whp no problem)

Turbosmart 45mm gate

SpoolinPerf Miniram with 44mm Vband WG T3 flange

FID 2000s

Mishimoto X line half size Rad with SPAL 13” fan

Charge piping


Best way to get ahold of me is email [email protected].


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