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here's what i got

GSR Intake Manifold
Off a 1996 GSR, no TB, no Sensors, comes with black box (perfect for boreing out)
price: $50+ shipping

Skunk 2 Stage 2 Cams
PM/Email for details

Prelude h23 injectors
4 H23 OBD1 injectors, could be used on b-series
price: $50 shipped.

Wedge Engineering Base
designed for EK hatchback, sits real low, was used on a Sparco Speed seat, but never installed, brand new, awesome quality
Price: $70+ shipping

Comptech 94-97 DC2 lip (same as 97 ITR lip)
Has some under scratches, if painted, they need to be sanded smooth.
price: $150 + shipping

SOLDShort Ram Intake Pipe
Will fit ITR/LS or a GSR with Skunk 2 Manifold (all with ABS) 3 inch all the way through, painted gold/bronze (comes with generic filter too if you want)
Price: $15 shipped, w/ filter $20 shipped (bigger box more shipping charges)

Tan Interior Pieces:
Tan integra doors (leather) cleaned every month w/ tweeters power everything
Tan Dash (2000 wiring harness, no cluster, no climate control)
comes with glove box
Tan Rear interior panels (no speaker covers)
Tan Rear deck tray
Tan Trunk Carpet
Tan Rear taillight cover
Tan Carpet (1 burn)
Tan Rear Seats (100% clean, perfect)
Pick up all of the tan interior parts above for 200 dollars, shipping will cost youou (probably cost you alot) (other door in same condition)

Tan driver airg bag $100
Tan passenger air bag $100

Black Interior:
SOLDBlack armrest cover (cloth) $20+shipping
Black trunk Carpet $40+shipping

also have tan seatbelts

have more stuff, located in NOVA
PM or email me for info

ITR Intake arm
2.5 inch testpipe
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