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Hey guys, more stuff to clear out.

Skunk2 Front Camber Kit, 94-01 Integra, 92-95 Civic: They were on the car for about 5,000 miles before I reverted to stock and the car sold. Still in great condition, the normal wear for a short time on the car. Paint & metal shiny, uncorroded and the bushings look great, too. I'm just going to guess at shipping and say whatever the best service I can by for $20. So we'll say $120 shipped.

The Ingalls rear kit has some surface rust/dust, but these things are heavy, still looking great for use. Nuts and bolt spin nicely, bushings look great, practically new. $20 Shipped.

Get at me.

Sorry for potato pics. And now I'm realizing it was 4 years since I took them. That's like 3 moves ago. Jesus.


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