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Not sure if I should post it in here but figured it'd be easier for those in Jersey to have first dibs but considering that there's barely been any activity in the Jersey thread i may just do a regular for sale thread.

A little back story, Im and OG when it comes to this site but due to becoming a dad to two beautiful girls, and holding down two jobs, its tough to put time into my integra as much as i would like, let alone be on team-integra. I still do have my but its becoming tougher to work on with so many things going on in my life. so yeah. I've well put in the time to this site and those that have dealt with me or bought or sold to me or from me know that I take this very seriously.

So my boy (yeahyeahyeah1) totaled his integra (hit a curb so front end is garbage) and didn't want to deal with parting it out so i'll do it for him . the entire interior is stripped except for the dash and steering mechanism. other that that the whole interior is up for grabs except the front seats. the interior was black but the seats were tan. currently the back seats are tan leather rsx seats that he converted. They can not be bolted down (bottom part) but if you sit in them and put the seatbelts i'm sure your safe. other than that the swap is the only other thing that will not be sold. besides that though everything else is up for grabs.

**mods pictures will be up this evening of the car**please dont delete**

The car was spraypainted flat black

unless specified all prices are without shipping

-94-97 wingless (spoilerless hatch) - $100obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-Taillights (all red 98-01) - $130obo mint
-Back bumper (98 -01) - $130obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-tail light panel (panel below tail lights) $40obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-Shaved doors with no door panels, no mirrors - $100 each obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-mirrors (98+) - $40 obo
-door panels without switches-$40obo each
missing the cloth by armrest and mixed (not shipping, pick up only)
-Black dash - $100obo no airbag (glove box included) (not shipping, pick up only)
-center vents etc (ash tray, cup holder)- $50obo
-radio alpine -$40obo
-carpet (gray) - $50 obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-stock sideskirts - $20obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-gauge cluster with bezel - $35obo
-rear view mirror-$15obo
-sun shades -$10obo
-headliner RS (no sun roof) - $50obo
center console (where shifter is located till the middle armrest) $50obo (not shipping, pick up only)
-driverside headlight (98+) -$80obo
-clearcorners with black tint (98+) - 20obo

anything else not listed please feel free to pm with what the item is and i will see if i have it.

thanks T-I

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