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Location: Chicago, Illinois
Means of Contact: Post
Description: 1991 Acura Integra GS
Miles: 205k on body & 50k on motor
Price: $8k OBO with everything. 7kOBO w/o Recaros. Price is up there to weed out the flakers. If you're serious, post your email and we can talk.

Time for a new project.... so....

I've had the car for over 4 years now. I am the second owner of the vehicle and it has been well maintained. I've decided its time to sell and to move on to another car. Car is a daily driver and is set up to do so. All of the mods are done by myself or myself and others.

OEM Optional Body Kit
Fiber Images Carbon Fiber Hood with pins.
JDM 1 piece headlights
Painted front turn signals
Shaved emblems
Car has been repainted with all dents removed.

Wheels & Suspension & Brakes:
16" Advan RGII replica
215/45/16" Falken Azenis
Koni Yellows w/ Ground Control Coil-overs w/ Custom Spring Rates
Suspension Techniques sway bars
Energy Suspension Master Bushings
Legend 2 piston calipers and re-drilled rotors
Revo Front Camber Kit

CTR Intake Cam
Skunk 2 Cam Gears
Golden Eagle Head studs
Skunk 2 manifold w/ Bored ITR TB
JDM ITR header(2.5inch collector)
Chipped P28 ECU (OBD I)
Polished valve cover
2.5" catback exhaust with Magnaflow resonator and Muffler
No p/s
No a/c
B16 cable transmission non-LSD
ACT Heavy Duty Clutch
ITR flywheel

-Black Floor Mats
-Black Door panels
-GSR rear seats
-Recaro SRD front driver seat.

The Bad:
-Some dents from daily driving
-Front bumper has some marks from daily driving
-Passenger side one piece has some yellowing.
-Car has been keyed on the passenger side at my work.
-OEM front lip has been scrapped.

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