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Hello TI!!!
Its been a long time since ive been around here. Ive explored bmw's for a bit, now im at chevy conversion van with a camaro 305 tpi motor. Anyway, ive come across a set of seats while cleaning out a squatters house. there was a lot of interesting things left behind. i was pleased to find this set in one of the bedrooms. i think they are from a honda, but if i recall correctly, they fit integras and civics.

Theyre in great condition. a little wear on the driver bolster, but otherwise they are extremely clean.

Id like to give someone a good deal and sell the set for $200 flat. Prefer pickup, but would ship at buys complete expense, i even think i have a box large enough.

Heres my ad on CL-

Hit me up
[email protected]
text or call


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