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Im selling my car. As much as I hate it, I need to get something better. Here:s a brief description about the car. It is salvaged which is something Im pretty sure everyone wants to know.

1994 LS with 01 GSR swap. 155k on the chassis. Unknown on the motor. I have the paperwork for the swap.

Lowered on Tein Basics but that can be swapped out for the stock suspension.

RSR exmag exhaust

Engine is pretty much stock except for a generic intake.

front bumper needs to be repainted. The car was painted about 2 years ago to alpine white.

I have a set of Racing Hart C2 in 17 that can use some work. Those are also for sale. These are NOT the evo. It is the orginal 3 piece.

Im looking for 4000obo. contact me at mirage5882. thats the best way. Best way to get pics too.
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