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I swapped out some parts on my GSR so I'm gettin rid of some stuff that I dont need anymore. Make me an offer on anything on the list. Any reasonable offer accepted. Pickup preferred. Shipping optional (except CRX.)
Tan Dash
Tan Airbag
Tan carpet
Tan Door Sills<--- Still for sale.
If it's tan and out of the interior I've got it for sale.
Alpine CD Changer
2 DHD 700W Amps model:NTX2115
1988 Passenger Honda CRX Seat(blue)
1990 Black Honda CRX DX(NOP)
Pictures of items FOR SALE.

Update:021504 Everything is still for sale.

I will accept trades also. PM me if interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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