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FS: Gauge Faces

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i have some 94-01 RS/LS/GS/SE gauge faces...i had them on for a couple of months...still in good condition, comes with faces, wiring, and inverter...asking 45 shipped obo

sorry, pics are blurry, cell phone is best i could do!

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dude i think ull sell em quicker if u drop the price.. ebay has the same ones for 25 shipped, which is what i paid for mine.

and for whoever installs these on their car, the speedo will be off if u remove the needle. so afteru intall it, u might need to cruise next to someone at the same speed and put ur needle on to have it correct. atleast i had to do so with mine.
Yeah im gunna buy them off ebay for cheaper .. but if you want to get rid of them for $20 shipped ill take them
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