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sup guys i have a black g3 integra hatch with glass defogger strips are there and has a gsr wing ( was taken from a 95 gsr) - 125

Driverside Door Black from 95 Black GSR complete with window glass and all power components ( no speaker, or door panels )

98 - 01 headlights - one has to be sealed ln the Grey hosuing (small Crack) the lenses are fine no cracks or anything and they're pretty clear - 75 picked up

94 - 97 integra Rear Bumper - flat black primer was brand new Make offer

i have a lot of steering / suspension parts ( rack and pinion, tan air bags )

IM in north NJ most big parts are in central jersey where i parted the car out
CoNtact me [email protected] or AIM: Dieselinvasian
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