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i have a few things i need to get rid of .
they all came off of my 2000 integra gs vouge silver mettalic.
here is the list
BTW all prices are obo.

left and right side fenders 100 each good cond.

left side headlight 175

inner bumper support ,foam pad and the black plastic block things 75

i have a ls hydro trans that has a hole in the casing where the right side axle came out of the trans and punched a hole in the side about the size of a quarter best offer

both of the bumper stiffeners the attach the bumper to the fenders 20

black housing bumper lights and the mounting brackets the go on the inside of the bumper 35

and also both radiator fans the housing is broken on the plastic one but is still useable 75

i also have 4 ls mesh rims that i would like to trade for some either black ,bronze or polished rims 10k on them they are michelin pilots with a little camber wear and 2 bfg traction t/a with about 3k on them .
i would like the rims to either be 15's or 16's

i am looking for a skunk 2 intake manifold for a gsr , headers and a catback for an ls. also looking for dif rims
but also let me know if you have something that you think i might would want on trade .

in case you are wandering why i am selling all of this stuff it is because i got a JDM frontend so i no longer need this stuff

all of these items are pickup only
i live in madison but work in charlottesville so let me know if you want to meet me somewhere

and as always prices are negotiable
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