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FS/FT: Crower Stage 2 cams (gsr)

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Well, I'm going turbo so I have no need for my crower cams. Ideally, I'd like to trade for some stock gsr cams plus $300 but if someone wants to just buy them, thats cool too. They've only been on my car for about 10k and I havent been to the track with them yet.
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wanna trade straight up??? lol i jk
By stage 2 do you mean 403's??
Crower actually refers to the 402's as stage 2 and the 403's as stage 3. Just so we're clear.

What do think you would want for them plus a trade??
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Not sure, make an offer. I'll need to see how much crowers go for and how much stock gsr's go for.
If you don't mind send me a pm when you decide. Thanx!
PMed you. cams are still for sale
They usually run around 5 Hundred. i got a deal and it was lesser than that, i will not tell cause The guys at NOPI gave me a Killer deal for "C"cams and valve springs and retainers. also i suggest get the springs, and retainers Please. but i hope that helps around how much they are priced new. (Just got mines Saturday!)
Thanks, that info helps. Price has been added to original post.
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