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I have a complete turbo setup used for about 5000 kms, pics to come. I have decided to go to an NA GSR and use this for my daily driver.

obd 1 chipped ecu, - p75
hondata s200 with boost and datalogging (comes with interface box, hondata software cd(for data logging) Cable, push button. ECU hardware already installed in ecu

t4 turbo XS power (dont know the numbers, it spools at 4500 rpm),

XS power manifold will fit b series honda/acura block, PS and AC friendly keep current rad need pusher fans

big intercooler 24x12x3 inches

intercooler piping set up to a gen 3 integra,

injectors rc 550

oem obd1 injector clips,

bov uses vband flange probably XS power

wastegate 38 mm with dump tube with 10psi spring
all clamps, t clamps and v band connectors and silicone couplers

oil lines - ealrs feed line 4AN

boost/vaccuum guage autometer
a/f guage autometer
temp guage, autometer
3 guage pillar pod grey in color, origionally bought for 4 door may fit 2 door.

XS exhaust downpipe 3" and bunged test pipe 3" (muffler shop to replace cat)

*** added
also have tapped oil pan and fittings for oil feed to turbo
walbro 255lph fuel pump

complete setup!!!

pictures on my facebook account

Looking for $2250 for the lot.

Will think about parting out if there is a bunch of interest. Give me a pm with an offer if you want specific parts. Lo ballers will not be responded to. Shipping is buyers responsibility.

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This pisses me off a lot, but instead of leaving it and it carrying on happening, I am going to say something and hopefully after doing it a few times, the word will spread.

How can you possibly expect this kit to sell with the information you have given.

djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 said:
obd 1 chipped ecu

What kind of ECU? P28, P75, P72, etc.

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 hondata s200b

Fine, but does it come with any upgrades?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 hondata computer cable and program

Lord know what that covers

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 t4 turbo

So you have a turbo with a t4 flange? What is a buyer supposed to do with that? There are A LOT more numbers necessary here, not to mention the brand of turbo.

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 manifold will fit b series honda/acura block

Who makes the manifold? Is it A/C and/or P/S compatible? Does it require a half size radiator?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 big intercooler 24x12 inches

You are missing a dimension there. Who makes it? What sizes are the inlet and outlet?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 intercooler piping set up to a gen 3 integra

What size? What kind of BOV flange does it have?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 injectors rc 550


Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 obd1 injector clips

OEM or aftermarket clips?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 bov

What kind?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 wastegate 38 mm with dump tube

What kind? What spring?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 all clamps

T-bolt clamps? Hose clamps? Does it come with silicon couplers?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 custom rad hose

For what? what makes it custom? What is this?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 oil lines

As in feed and return? What size?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 boost guage autometer
a/f guage autometer
temp guage, autometer

What series? Just boost or boost and vacuum?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 3 guage pillar pod

What color? For a 2 door or a 4 door? Also Autometer?

Quote: djrocketodd on Oct/08/07 exhaust downpipe and bunged test pipe 3"
Is the downpipe 3 in. or just the test pipe, or both? Does it have a flex pipe? Who is it made by?

Do you see where I am going with this? Ordinarily, my cynical side would be saying to me that you left all the information out just so that your thread will get bumped every time someone has to ask you one of these questions because you know that they will because nobody in their right mind would drop this much cash on something they nothing about. But in this case, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are just lazy. If you are going to make a for sale thread, please take the time to make it a good one and maybe even include some pictures. You have no idea how much easier it is for someone to buy something if they can actually see it.
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