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Located in Southern cali.

First off no low balling, so please make me reasonable offers. Im not in a hurry to sell anything nor am i in a financial situation so i have no problem holding on to any of these.

No shipping for anything except the itr lip and the corners.

cf ITR spoiler- Bolts directly onto oem holes, bought it at last socal meet. Im thiking about selling because i changed my wheels and it doesnt match as well anymore. This looks really good. Make me an offer.

hood= Sold

brand new 94-97 poly-urethane itr lip- $100

oem shocks(73,000)- Make me an offer

Blue sprint springs used at the very most for 74,000 (personally i like them better then the H&R drop i have now...) the drop is i believe 1.50 all around

94-97 corners $10
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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