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fs: Built LS NA head (crower)

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I have a 95 ls head with six thousand miles on it since it was rebuilt from top to bottom with all new parts by Collin at Racing Integration (tampa/FL) is the breakdown.......
-all new springs and retainers from crower.
-new Crower 404 cams.
-all new gaskets/seals/valves.
-entire head was hot tanked and cleaned.
-milled .03" to increase compresson (head is clean and flat)
-will also throw in my custom ecu from Kenji that will allow you to rev to 8500 with this head (need stock ecu in return).

The motor dynoed at 165 to the wheels, with itr pistons on ls longblock, crappy old DC 4-2-1 header with a skunk2 intake manifold... the car is babied and never driven but on sat. was built by Collin and tuned by John (vapor, Secret Service) whom can vouch for the stoutness of the setup...I'm just going with a different setup.

Taking best offer or work out a trade for a b16 or gsr head and ctr cams.
-references available.

E-mail is a good way to get in contact with me (
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I may be interested. Do you know a reputable shop local to you that can install the head? I'd consider maybe driving there and having someone there install it because there aren't many good shops here local.

Also, what ballpark are you thinking for the head and cams?
How much are you looking for roughly, and where are you located?
He's located in Tampa Florida, All the work was done by VERY Reputable people. (the same people that did some of my motor work)
Yes, There are severial people/speed shops around here (Tampa, Largo, Lutz, Pasco, and Clearwater) that can install this head on your Teg. for pretty cheap and in a short amount of time.
Thanks for the info, if you ever talk to any of those guys, any chance you can get a quote for a head install (just the labor)?

hey hey.. how much u want for that head.. imma be down there in march.. and if i can get it installed even better.. so how much u think for parts and labor?
I would guess about $100 for installation of the head. I have a mechanic friend at a Honda dealer that could help you out. If you come during my Spring break (March 8-12), I can help out with the installation. You'd need to buy a headgasket and some Hondabond in addition to the labor fee.
Holy crap! $100 for a head swap is an AWESOME PRICE! Please get me a price for the head and cams. I am VERY VERY INTERESTED and I could make it there at your convenience during those dates!
ok im pretty new to all of this swapping stuff..i also have a 95 ls..and im confused. is this the whole engine or just the head? if i was to buy this off of you i would be using the block i have now with the rebuilt head? or am i way off? also what is the price?

if u can answer those questions, i can consider me pretty interested.
he is selling only the head....the block would be the same from what you are using now
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