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FS: A/F Gauge, 12" Sub

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I have a brand new A/F gauge for sale made by Nordskog

I also have a 12" Phoenix Gold Sub for sale with a ported box

Taking offers, any decent offers (IMO) will not be turned down. Thanks for looking.
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Updated... A/F gauge and Sub still for sale
What are the specs on the sub (watts, ohms) and what is the size of the box?
I don't kno the ohms... but its 200rms... not very high... the box is pretty big... when i get a chance tomorrow... i'lll post the specs up... sorry the pics don't work... my host is down right now.
how much for the air fuel gauge and theres no pics. PM me thanks!
Make me an offer on the gauge
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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