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FS: 98 Ls coupe

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Well, it is sadly time to sell the teggy, it has been good to me.

Here is the text that I used on craigslist

For sale, 1998 Acura Integra LS coupe, 141,xxx miles. Vogue Metallic Silver, automatic transmission, cloth interior (grey carpets, black interior). The car has a clean carfax report, and runs perfectly. Asking $4300. I am selling the car, because I finally found a BMW M3.

Interior: 9/10. The interior is very clean, never smoked in, and there is very little wear other than some minor scratches on the plastic between the seats and in the trunk.

Exterior: 7/10. The paint is in pretty good condition, with the normal rock chips on the front bumper, and some other minor scratches. There is also a scratch on the top lip of the rear bumper, and a small circular defect (quarter sized) in the paint above the rear bumper. The wheels also have some curb rash from the previous owner. Other than that, the paint still shines, and the clear coat is in good condition, the wheels have between 80 and 90% tread left and are wearing evenly.

Mechanical: 10/10. I have taken extremely good care of this car mechanically, and it drives perfectly. I recently performed a compression test again in preparation for sale, and the values are still between 180 and 185. The engine idles smoothly and pulls strongly up to redline. The transmission shifts smoothly, and the suspension rides well. There are no drips or leaks from the engine or transmission. You have to drive this car to understand: it is clean. The air conditioning blows cold, the car warms up quickly. There are no sunroof or window rattles, nor are there any water leaks which are common. The car gets low to mid 30's mpg, depending on how hard you drive and amount of highway vs. city driving.

History: This car has had three owners. I don't know anything about the first owner. The second owner purchased the car used at a dealership. She was a nurse using the car to commute between Harford county and Baltimore Maryland. The car was stock, except for tinted windows, aftermarket turn signals and taillights. She also had complete maintenance records. Prior to purchase I performed a compression test, with all the values between 180 and 185.

I am the third owner, I purchased the car with 86,000 miles roughly 3 ½ years ago. It currently has 141,xxx miles. It is now completely stock (although there is an aftermarket radio. I have the original, I may include the aftermarket for the right offer.) Maintenance:
I have performed the majority of the maintenance, including regular oil changes (every 3k-4k miles, most recent oil change on 10/6/07) brakes, and rotors, fuel filters, windshield wiper motor assembly, distributor cap and rotor.

The timing belt and water pump were replaced as regular maintenance at 100,000 miles, and the valve lash was adjusted by US1 sales and service.

I have recently replaced the cam cap plugs and valve cover gasket, both oxygen sensors, exhaust B pipe, and right front wheel bearing, both rear brake calipers, adjusted the valve lash again at 130k miles, and replaced all four tires.

That is pretty much it. I have tried to be as thorough as possible. If there are other picture requests/questions, I will see what I can do.

These last two are of the paint damage on the bumper. They are really quite close up.

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