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FrankGSR on Feb/16/04 said:
I don't understand why 98+ taillights are so damn expensive... You can get older ones for the fraction of the cost.
1. supply and demand my friend...everyone (well not everyone, but most) want the all reds over ambers, so there are less of them...likewise, when people buy their all reds, it usually is a straight up purchase rather than a trade plus cash or something, so they have their ambers left over....think of all of the people buying all reds, and now they all have ambers sitting around. there are plenty of ambers to go around, so that is why they are cheaper
2. You said it yourslef, other ones are older, even though it doesnt affect peformance of the lights perse', older stuff just isnt worth as much if it isnt a commodity
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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