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I finally got one of my other Integras on the road so its time to thin the heard a lil' bit. But don't worry, I still have 2 others. I have used this Integra for the last 4 or so years as my daily driver and it has never once given me a bit of trouble. Automatic trans. It has approx. 126,xxx miles. The timing belt and water pump were replaced last winter. While doing the t-belt the plugs, wires, filter and a few other misc. parts were replaced as well. Brakes on all 4 corners were replaced around the same time. Oil changes are performed every 3k miles. All 4 tires are about 90% tread as well.

The car does have a few small blemishes on the body but thats to be expected on a 10yr old car. There is a small amount of rust bubbling on the hood and there is a crack in the rear bumper. Otherwise the only thing this car could use with is an AC charge.

Looking to get around $4,000

If you would like to take a look, give me a jingle.

(763) TwoTwonine-EightoneSixEight

Ask for Andy

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