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im selling my gsr to start a new project
i never had so much fun with anything else and i hate to sell it

its a mr 95 gsr with leather interior:

Motor stuff:

-msd cap and coil
-ngk plug wires and plugs
-skunk 2 intake manifold
-skunk 2 stage 1 cams
-dsm 450cc injectors
-walbro 225lph fuel pump
-reman oem head
-arp head studs
-srp 9.5:1 pistons
-eagle h beam rods
-act 6puc clutch
-fidanza 7.5lb flywheel
-spearco fmic
-prothane engine mounts
-dsm tdo5-14b turbo
-3 bar map sensor
-new oem oil pump
-all new seals and belts

tuned by jeff evans on neptune

Other stuff:

-its on 17" bsa wheels
-with khumo supra 712 tires
-sony head unit with 2 sony 4ways in the front and 2 pioneer 4 ways in the rear

General info:

i know im missing stuff in there but thats off the top of my head. the car put down 260 whp and 275 ft lbs on 14 lbs of boost. the boost limiter is set at 16 pounds. the motor has about 2,500 miles on it right now as it was just completely rebuilt. the rest of the car has 163,xxx miles on it and the body shows it. i tried to take the best care i could with it, always tried to keep it clean inside and out, always changed the oil and filters on time, never put anything lower than 91 octane fuel in the tank, etc...

The bad:

-the clear coat is coming off the bumpers and roof
-the wing is missing
-there is no shift boot
-fuel gauge doesnt work
-the stitching in the drivers seat is ripped across the seat
-the wastegate actuator mount broke so it has to be welded (or just get a new one), and i doubt ill have time to weld it.
-there is a tick in the motor when its cold
-theres a hard vibration at 4k rpm that just started

im asking $5,500 for it, and i am extreemly reluctant to budge on that price.

if you dont like the price, fine by me.

you can send me a pm if you would like and i can get you pictures.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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